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Realness means authenticity. Realness comes from truth. Realness is a great virtue in everything. This is a collection of 17 quotes on realness and realness sayings.

Everybody has their own way of tapping into their realness. Sandra Bernhard
If reality shows are so popular, that means their viewers are screaming for more realness. - Omari Hardwick
Authenticity doesn't just mean you're not filtering what you're saying, it's about being able to know and access the best parts of yourself and bring them forward. - Amy Cuddy
There's a place for all types of country music as long as there is honesty and realness and a real human experience for the fans. - Wynonna Judd
Authenticity means to be the author of your own life. - Tom Shadyac
People need realness, reality. People can sense when someone is being pretentious or fake. It's because you feel it; you see it in someone's body language. - Afrojack
Defining oneself is a revolutionary act, and, as described in her memoir, Janet Mock fiercely fought to free herself with exquisite bravery and sensitivity. Redefining Realness is full of hope, dreams, and determination. It is a true American girl story. - Michaela Angela Davis
Authenticity is your most precious commodity as a leader. - Marcus Buckingham
You can't have friendships that aren't based on realness. - Chelsea Handler
Good fiction must be entertaining- but what makes fiction special- and True- is that the realness of a novel allows it to carry a larger message. - Jerry B. Jenkins
Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. - Confucius
Authenticity is a virtue. But just as you can have too little authenticity, you can also have too much. - Adam Grant
If you get into a fight and somebody punches you, you get two feelings. One: That really hurts. Two: That relief in the realness of, like, Wow, this is what it is. It's not an intellectual process. - John Darnielle
No man knows the genuineness of his convictions until he has sacrificed something for them. - Edwin Hubbel Chapin
If reality shows are so popular, that means their viewers are screaming for more realness. - Omari Hardwick
Authenticity is about where it comes from; validity is about whether it works. - John Michael Greer
Now there is such a closed loop between realness and commercialism that one has to question why do more and more and more of those pictures. It's almost like everybody deserves a book about themselves, and everybody deserves a whole issue of Vice magazine devoted to them. - Wolfgang Tillmans
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