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Confrontation is part of human behavior. We confront things we don't want to be happen. Confrontation helps us to establish our thoughts. This is a collection of quotes and sayings on Confrontation.

Confrontation simply means meeting the truth head-on. - Mike Krzyzewski
All confrontation is based on deception. - Paul Watson
Let us move from the era of confrontation to the era of negotiation. - Richard M. Nixon
Make no mistake: confrontation is unavoidable in business. - Jon Taffer
Confrontation is better than insinuation. - Sunday Adelaja
Confrontation makes me nervous. - Rain Dove
Direct confrontation, direct conversation is real respect. And it's amazing how many people get that. - Penn Jillette
Ecstatic absurdity: it's the confrontation with meaninglessness. - Errol Morris
Confrontation is not bad. Goodness is supposed to confront evil. - Fred Shuttlesworth
Confrontation was the stuff of daily life. - T.J. Stiles
Truth carries with it confrontation. Truth demands confrontation; loving confrontation, but confrontation nevertheless. - Francis Schaeffer
Confrontation is what happens when you are less than honest and you get caught. - Barbara Delinsky
One of the only coherent philosophical positions is thus revolt. It is a constant confrontation between man and his own obscurity. - Albert Camus
Part of elegy is confrontation - not just with the idea of death, but with the person who has died. - Allison Joseph
Remember, confrontation is about reconciliation and awareness, not judgement or anger. - Dale Partridge
Through the act of getting married, one has taken on the task of mutual confrontation until death. - Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig
Isolate any resistance by avoiding any direct confrontation. - Steven Redhead
There can be no progress without head-on confrontation. - Christopher Hitchens
Our records, if you have a dark sense of humor, were funny, but our records weren't about comedy. They were about protests, fantasy, confrontation and all that. - Ice Cube
It's the writer's job to stage confrontations, so the characters will say surprising and revealing things, and educate and entertain us all. - Kurt Vonnegut
"Objective" means that, in a confrontation with the evidence, you would be willing to change your own mind. - Christopher Hitchens
When we talk about self-confrontations, we are speaking about moral issues rather than social issues. - Asghar Farhadi
Only a fool wants a confrontation and only a fool wants a strike. - Arthur Scargill
The path toward peace is much easier than the path toward war and confrontation. - Federico Mayor Zaragoza
Celebration is a confrontation, giving attention to the transcendent meaning of one's actions. - Abraham Joshua Heschel
Terror must never be allowed as a means for political confrontation. - Klaus Kinkel
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