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Credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed in. Credibility is a characteristics of human nature. This is a collection of 33 quotes on credibility and Credibility sayings.

Credibility is a basic survival tool. - Rebecca Solnit
Being attractive and being credible can and do go together. - Lisa Guerrero
Commitment and credibility go hand in hand. - Zbigniew Brzezinski
Credibility is like virginity. Once you lose it, you can never get it back.
Accuracy builds credibility. - Jim Rohn
Somehow credibility comes into play if you do things that are too familiar. - Rickie Lee Jones
Credibility is someone else's idea of what I should be doing. - Paul Stanley
Lack of credibility slays your character. - Bernard Kelvin Clive
Credibility comes from results. Everything else is just marketing. - Richie Norton
Complainant received immediate lacerations of the credibility. - Jimmy Breslin
You have to build up a credibility before the support comes to you. - Frank Gehry
Credibility is lost when there are big discrepancies between what leaders say and what they do. Increasing credibility requires openness. Hidden agendas will destroy trust. - Judith M. Bardwick
There's no credibility in anonymous sources. - Will Muschamp
For every credibility gap, there is a gullibility gap. - Richard Clopton
All credibility, all good conscience, all evidence of truth come only from the senses. - Friedrich Nietzsche
Owning our power means claiming the credibility and uniqueness of our own humanity. - Debbie Ford
If you are not prepared to hear the bad news, by the time you find out about it, the damage is done and you have lost all credibility. - Murad S. Shah
Build your credibility so you won't have to say the same thing twice before someone believes it.
The irony of the information age is that it lends credibility to uninformed opinion. - Stephen Coonts
The credibility of the teller is the ultimate test of the truth of a proposition. - Neil Postman
A lack of emotional engagement in the affair affirms higher credibility. - Pawan Mishra
Too many leaders value their popularity, protecting it at all cost, degrading their credibility. - Noel DeJesus
Intellectually and compassionately explaining the reason freedom works is required for credibility. - Ron Paul
Claiming that you are what you are not will obscure the strengths you do have while destroying your credibility. - Tom Hayes
Being right doesn’t mean you win. You win by establishing credibility, a relationship, and trust. - David Brock
Without character, there is no credibility; and without credibility, there is no trust. - Warren G. Bennis
Don't confuse visibility with credibility. - Harvey Mackay
A lack of realism in the vision today costs credibility tomorrow. - John C. Maxwell
Credibility is a leader's currency. With it, he or she is solvent; without it, he or she is bankrupt. - John C. Maxwell
The truth will set you free: believability will give you credibility. - Garrison Wynn
Belief gives knowledge credibility. - Steven Redhead
Facts and credibility only support persuasion. - Dan S Kennedy
Don't steamroll your way into a conversation before establishing any relational credibility. - Bill Hybels
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