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Compliments are always pleasing. Compliments can win a heart. Compliments are good thoughts for anyone. This is a collection of 32 quotes and sayings on compliments.

Compliments cost nothing, yet many pay dear for them. - Thomas Fuller
A compliment is verbal sunshine. - Atharva Veda
Complimenting someone in an exaggerated way is known as flattery, and flattery will generally get you anything you want. - Lemony Snicket
Compliment people. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses. - Joyce Meyer

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. - George MacDonald
The best compliment to a mother is to appreciate her little one. - Anne Bronte
Compliment others on the virtues they have; and they're not half as pleased as being complimented for the ones they don't have. - Malcolm Forbes
It's good to receive compliments, and it's even better to give them. - Jason Harvey
Encourage everyone you meet with a smile or compliment. - Joyce Meyer
Sincere compliments cost nothing and can accomplish so much. - Steve Goodier
Sometimes it feels good to have your biggest fears discounted with a simple compliment. - Colleen Hoover
Take everything as a compliment, you can never be insulted. - Joe Abercrombie
It's when people compliment you that you're in trouble. That means they expect you to keep it up. - Ned Vizzini
We pay a person the compliment of acknowledging his superiority whenever we lie to them. - Samuel Butler
No compliment is ever sufficient and every insult, of course, is true. - Jesse Eisenberg
An acquaintance that begins with a compliment is sure to develop into a real friendship. It starts in the right manner. - Oscar Wilde
Give each other a compliment every day. Even when the undead attack, its nice to feel pretty. Or badass. - Jesse Petersen
A Friend is one who incessantly pays us the compliment of expecting from us all the virtues, and who can appreciate them in us. - Henry David Thoreau
Be careful who you call crazy. Some of us think it's a compliment. - Marilynn Dawson
Candor is a compliment; it implies equality. It's how true friends talk. - Peggy Noonan
You can receive all the compliments in the world, but that won't do a thing unless you believe it yourself. - Criss Jami
If you live off a man's compliments, you'll die from his criticism. - Cornelius Lindsey
What meaning has a compliment if one hears it night and day. - Irving Stone
Compliments and criticism are all ultimately based on some form of projection. - Billy Corgan
So thirsty of compliment is the basis of corruptive mind. - Toba Beta
You have reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments, or publicity. - Thomas Wolfe
You have a gift for making a compliment sound like an insult. - James Dashner
Quotation is the highest compliment you can pay an author. - Samuel Johnson
Compliment but do not covet. - Christopher Moore
A sincere compliment is always grateful to a lady, so long as you don't try to knock her down with it. - Mark Twain
The only thing we can do is try to find people whose scars compliment our own. - Cora Carmack
The best compliment someone can give me is stealing my idea and making it their own. - Jeffrey Fry
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