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Tattoos are cool. Tattoos makes one more visible than others. This is a collection of top 15 quotes and sayings on tattoos .

People are proud of their tattoos. It's like a modern coat of arms. - Christian Louboutin
Tattoos give us the inspiration to be ourselves. - Anthony T.Hincks
You don’t choose your tattoo design, your tattoo chooses you! - Shirin Naghashlo
Some songs are just like tattoos for your brain... you hear them and they're affixed to you. - Carlos Santana
Scars are the tattoos your despondence carved once. - Shivangi Lavaniya
Tattoos, after all, are a passionate, usually doomed assertion of mastery of your own destiny, or at least a defiant embrace of one that you cannot control. - Mark Simpson
Tattoos are a permanent commitment of passion. - Tawny Lara
A tattoo is permanent; with a marriage you can more easily change your mind. - Carolyn V. Hamilton
Three of my tattoos can be considered spiritual or faithful. - Samuel Larsen
It's quite amazing how tattoos in general have been more and more accepted. - Lorenzo Lamas
Comparatively, tattooing is not the hideous custom which it is called. It is not barbarous merely because the printing is skin-deep and unalterable. - Henry David Thoreau
People come up to me with tattoos of my lyrics! - Lauv
If you like how people look when they're all covered in tattoos, then you should be covered in tattoos. - Lil Peep
If you can understand the inner life, then you can wear the uniform, the tattoos, or whatnot and realize that the things that are different about us become superficial. - Ethan Hawke
There's people out there that wear hoodies, that have tattoos and piercing, that look crazy and have huge hearts on the inside. - Kenny Stills
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