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A Paranoid is someone who is extremely scared about something. A paranoid is always over-conscious about some of the facts of life. Being paranoid is not the solution to any problem in life. This is a collection of quotes on paranoid and paranoid sayings.

A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on. - William S. Burroughs
When you're young and beautiful, you're paranoid and miserable. - Helen Mirren
You have to treat every day as a new challenge, and you have to remain paranoid, as they say. - Anand Mahindra
Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive. - Andy Grove
Secrecy is a vacuum and nothing fills a vacuum like paranoid speculation. - Max Brooks
You can never be too paranoid. - Cathy Crimmins
Don't be afraid of losing a little power in daily associations. People who seek power and knowledge aren't misers. They aren't afraid. That is paranoid. - Frederick Lenz
If you're paranoid long enough, sooner or later you're gonna be right. - Kinky Friedman
The paranoid is never entirely mistaken. - Sigmund Freud
A paranoid thinks that sinister forces are out to get him, not realizing that they are out to get everybody. - Robert Breault
It's amazing where the paranoid mind can take you. - Bill Ayers
The paranoid is never entirely mistaken. - Sigmund Freud
Only the paranoid survive. - Sophia Amoruso
Even paranoid people have enemies. - Henry A. Kissinger
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there isn't somebody watching. - Patrick Carman
Being slightly paranoid is like being slightly pregnant - it tends to get worse. - Molly Ivins
Paranoid is what people who are trying to take advantage call you in an effort to get you to drop your guard. - Matt Damon
You're mind is working at its best when you're being paranoid. You explore every avenue and possibility of your situation at high speed with total clarity. - Banksy
Humans are evolutionarily designed to be paranoid. - Satoshi Kanazawa
Paranoid means you are aware of 10% of the problem. - Oran Kangas
All gamblers are paranoid, though they call it superstition. - Mario Puzo
Some people think this is paranoia, but it isn't. Paranoids only think everyone is out to get them. Wizards know it. - Terry Pratchett
The history of psychiatry rewrites itself so often that it almost resembles the self-serving chronicles of a totalitarian and slightly paranoid regime. - J. G. Ballard
A paranoid is someone who has all the facts. - William S. Burroughs
You can never be comfortable with your success, you've got to be paranoid you're going to lose it. - Lou Gerstner
Most writers or performers walk around with the notion in their head that - a paranoid worry that maybe people don't like them. - Charlie Brooker
You have to be around people you trust; otherwise you can't do anything - you're afraid, you're paranoid, and you can't do any work. - Ry Cooder
Just because people don't trust people doesn't mean [they] don't like them. There are lots of paranoid people in the world. You figure out their personalities and make them work. - Samuel L. Jackson
Even a paranoid clock is being followed twice a day. - Dan Wells
If you act out of a paranoid fear of something happening, you will always make that thing happen. - John Green
A paranoid thinks that sinister forces are out to get him, not realizing that they are out to get everybody. - Robert Breault
High culture is paranoid about sentiment. But human beings are intensely sentimental. - Thomas Kinkade
The stronger a culture, the less it fears the radical fringe. The more paranoid and precarious a culture, the less tolerance it offers. - Joel Salatin
Don't be a little paranoid; worry about everything, or let it all go. - James Alan Gardner
There's evil in the world, all right. Being aware of it makes you a realist, not a paranoid. - Dean Koontz
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