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Pacifism is the belief that war and violence are unjustifiable and that all disputes should be settled by peaceful means. Pacifism has a wide space in many religions. Pacifism can make peace. This is a collection of 17 pacifism quotes and sayings.

Pacifism is a virtue indistinguishable from cowardice. - Brent Weeks
Pacifism, the preaching of peace in the abstract, is one of the means of duping the working class. - Vladimir Lenin
Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist. - George Orwell
A pacifism which can see the cruelties only of occasional military warfare and is blind to the continuous cruelties of our social system is worthless. - Mahatma Gandhi
The goal of pacifism is possible only through a supranational organization. To stand unconditionally for this cause is the criterion of true pacifism. - Albert Einstein
Love does not imply pacifism. - Derrick Jensen
Pacifism simply is not a matter of calm looking on; it is hard work. - K├Ąthe Kollwitz
Pacifism, to me, is primarily a way of actively struggling against injustice and inhumanity. - Dwight Macdonald
The main problem with pacifism is that it doesn't work in all situations. The main problem with pacifists is that they're convinced it does. - Burt Prelutsky
Pacifism is a nice idea but it can get you killed. We're not there yet. Evolution is slow, small pox is fast. - George Carlin
Being a pacifist to save your own life is normal, being a pacifist for the lives of others is true pacifism. - Ammon Hennacy
Pacifism in the face of war is not only irresponsible - it is immoral. - David Limbaugh
One ought not to return injustice, nor do evil to anybody in the world, no matter what one may have suffered from them. - Socrates
Pacifism means letting the non-pacifists have control ... Pacifism will remain an ideal, war a fact. If the white races are resolved never to wage war again, the colored will act differently and become rulers of the world. - Oswald Spengler
If peace is equated simply with the absence of war, it can become abject pacifism that turns the world over to the most ruthless. - Henry A. Kissinger
The peace of the man who has forsworn the use of the bullet seems to me not quite peace, but a canting impotence. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Creeds like pacifism or anarchism, which seem on the surface to imply a complete renunciation of power, rather encourage this habit of mind. - George Orwell
A pacifist has a lot of difficulty reconciling pacifism with scripture. - Mark Driscoll
There was only one virtue, pugnacity; only one vice, pacifism. That is an essential condition of war. - George Bernard Shaw
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