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25+ Bruno Mars Quotes

Bruno Mars is an American singer, musician, songwriter, and music producer. Bruno is wildly famous for his extraordinary stage performances. Bruno was born in Hawaii on born October 8, 1985, as Peter Gene Hernandez. He started to sing at the age of four. At the age of 18, he moved to Los Angeles, California. Singles like Nothin' on You and Billionaire in 2010 earned him international fame. Bruno mars are one of the most celebrated musicians of the twenty-first century.

With a music career of just over a decade, Bruno Mars achieved many prestigious music awards. Bruno Mars won the Grammy eleven times. He has four Guinness World Records. Bruno Mars also won numerous Brit Awards, American Music Awards, and Soul Train Music Awards. Bruno Mars became the first male lead singer to sell over 4 million digital copies of his songs. The Hawaii Senate introduced the Bruno Mars Act was introduced to regulate the ticket selling process of concerts.

Bruno Mars is considered one of the most influential musicians in the world. Bruno Mars Is More Than Your Average Pop Star The Record told in 2013. The retro-styled showmanship of Bruno has amazed his audience. His music is romantic and enthusiastic. His music is all about feeling good. Bruno Mars is undoubtedly one of the most followed musicians of his time. We have organized some of the most beautiful quotes from the hyper-talented musician Bruno Mars.

I definitely don't plead guilty to being a heartthrob. Bruno Mars
You gotta know what you are, who you are and how you want to be portrayed.Bruno Mars
You know, my sister sings, my brother plays drums in my band. My whole family is a bunch of musicians. Bruno Mars
Don't you love it that Prince doesn't use Twitter? Don't you think he's somewhere on a unicorn? Bruno Mars
Music is not math. It's science. You keep mixing the stuff up until it blows up on you, or it becomes this incredible potion. Bruno Mars
You know, I just do whatever feels right to me! And so that's what you're gonna get! Bruno Mars
Hawaiian music is beautiful and simple. Bruno Mars
I guess if I'm a product, either you're chocolate, you're vanilla or you're butterscotch. You can't be all three. Bruno Mars
You can't knock on opportunity's door and not be ready. Bruno Mars
If I was a billionaire, I'd be smart with my money. Bruno Mars
You pick up some fans and a handful of haters along the way. Bruno Mars
Becoming famous was never what I wanted to do. There's a lot of things that come with fame - it's what people in the limelight have to do. Bruno Mars
When it's your time, it is your time. Bruno Mars
I don't try and be dark, but there are obviously darker emotions that I want to capture sometimes. Bruno Mars
No one sells a song better than the person that wrote it. Bruno Mars
And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. Bruno Mars
Never had much faith in love or miracles, Never wanna put my heart on the line. Bruno Mars
To write a song you must have an imagination, to have an imagination you must be free. Bruno Mars
My dream was to not get a day job but to sleep, wake up and do my music. I want to keep that dream forever. Bruno Mars
Whether it be a reggae song, rock song, a love song, the main thing was just to, whatever I was feeling, to try to capture that emotion. Bruno Mars
Hawaii is paradise. It sounds cheesy to say it, but there's music in the air there. Bruno Mars
When everything in life gets so complicated it only takes a day to change it. Bruno Mars
Expect me to give my all. Thats what I do every time I have a show. Give my all. Bruno Mars
Oh every time I close my eyes I see my name in shining lights. Bruno Mars
You're amazing, just the way you are. Bruno Mars
Ever since I was a kid, this was all I wanted to do. I've wanted to do music. I wanted to sing. It's all I know. Bruno Mars
I don't like two stories. I like one story. I never grew up with stairs. I like to stick to what I know. Bruno Mars
I've learned people are watching, so don't do nothing stupid. Bruno Mars

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