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35 Performance Quotes And Sayings

Performance makes the difference between success and failure. A great thing with poor performance can't be accepted as great. This is a collection of 35 quotes and sayings on Performance.

Principles are proven through performance. - Orrin Woodward
Is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance? - William Shakespeare
The only performance that makes it, that makes it all the way is the one that achieves madness.
Science is a trigger of changes of civilization. Religion is the failsafe of science performance. - Toba Beta
Every action is a performance. - Andrew Davenport
Pain unlocks a secret doorway in the mind, one that leads to both peak performance, and beautiful silence. - David Goggins
The Second Law: Performance is bounded, but success is unbounded. - Albert-László Barabási
High performance people take action quickly and change their mind slowly! - Dan Pena
Input quality data, output quality performance. - Christian Baloga
Social context and not individual abilities drives performance, success or failure of a team or a project. - Dr. Dragos
When rewards ignore individual performance, the incentive to strive for excellence is lost. - Frank Sonnenberg
The class of your performance is built on the grade of your skills. - Wesam Fawzi
Number does not necessarily guarantee performance. - Awolumate Samuel
Digital organizations are all about information fluency, adaptation, people-centricity, high-performance, and speed. - Pearl Zhu
The clearer the objective, the better the performance. - Rajen Jani
Conversation often becomes mere verbal performance and oral horseplay rather than fair-minded communication. - Erik Pevernagie
Appreciation always enhances performance. Criticism destroys the enthusiasm. - Debasish Mridha
God given potential minus excuses equals performance for success. - Farshad Asl
Any place you compromise in principle you will execute in performance. - Johnnie Dent Jr.
When efforts that are wisely executed, the situation and condition don't affect the performance. - Ashish Patel
“Hitting "like" on a social media platform is the modern day version of clapping at the end of a performance. - J.R. Rim
Don't wait for a huge platform before you give of your best performance. - Bernard Kelvin Clive
Collective leadership effectiveness drives business performance. - William A. Adams
Life is a performance. Earn an ovation. - James Pack
We are all actors, set on the stage of the world, as the curtains open we put on our best performance to this audience of life. - Anthony Liccione
Our teens are embedded in a culture driven by competition and perfectionism, where success is defined by status, performance and their appearance. - Auliq Ice
You can reach maximum performance by engaging in physical activities. - Lailah Gifty Akita
A performance does not capture or communicate with the mood and feelings of that very moment. - Unarine Ramaru
The dynamic tension between daring and serving creates the conditions for superior performance. - Cheryl A. Bachelder
Your ability to show discretion defines your likeliness to contribute to a wholesome performance. - Even Engesland
A performance must capture or communicate with the mood and feelings of that very moment. - Unarine Ramaru
Specialization, concentration and consistency is the key to outstanding performance... Love your zone! - Israelmore Ayivor
No man is ordinary, only their performances are ordinary. - Amit Kalantri
Love is 100% percent practical, oral performance is an ultimate turn-off, whether you like it or not. - Michael Bassey Johnson
People who like their job will give it their best. Those who don't, show it by a poor performance. - Ellen J. Barrier
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