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Sanity is the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health. Sanity is important for a healthy social environment. Sanity is the beauty of one's character. This is a collection of 32 quotes and sayings on sanity.

Sanity is only that which is within the frame of reference of conventional thought. - Erich Fromm
Sanity is a madness put to good uses; waking life is a dream controlled. - George Santayana
Sanity is, in essence, nothing more than the ability to live in harmony with nature's laws. - Freeman Dyson
As you get older, the cliches of life ring true. It's the simple things that matter most: your family, the people you love, your health and sanity. - Ronan Keating
Sanity is to be found in accurate honesty to oneself. - David Bain
Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be. - Miguel De Cervantes
Sanity that is the great virtue of the ancient literature; the want of that is the great defect of the modern, in spite of its variety and power. - Matthew Arnold
Sanity means the wholeness of the consciousness. And our society is only part conscious, like an idiot. - D. H. Lawrence
Sanity can take one of only two forms: that of ignorance, or denial. - Derek R. Audette
Sanity is not something you find; sanity is something you either have or don't. - Byron Pulsifer
Sometimes, to regain sanity, one had to acknowledge and embrace the madness. - Morgan Rhodes
Sanity is an illusion. Created by the minds of people who fear the wicked. - Alexander Thol
Sanity is not truth. Sanity is conformity to what is socially expected. Truth is sometimes in conformity, sometimes not. - Robert M. Pirsig
Your sanity is harder to get back than money or contacts. You are the magic. You are the art. You can't lose that. - Esperanza Spalding
Sanity was statistical. It was merely a question of learning to think as they thought. - George Orwell
Nothing like falling in love with a dead actress to prove your sanity. - Jane Lynch
Sanity is very rare; every man almost and every woman has a dash of madness. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sanity, it would seem, was a dangerously contagious disease. - H. Beam Piper
For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity. - Jean Dubuffet
The sanity of society is a balance of a thousand insanity's. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sanity is a cozy lie. - Susan Sontag
The human mind, if it is to keep its sanity, must maintain the nicest balance between unity and plurality. - Irving Babbitt
With respect to keeping your sanity, the more you are dedicated to your job, the more you think about it. And there is so much to think about for the director. - Barun Sobti
Sanity brings pain but madness is a vile thing. - Euripides
You've got to have a sense of humor to keep your sanity. - Lance Bass
Our sanity depends essentially on a narrowness of vision the ability to select the elements vital to survival, while ignoring the great truths. - Josephine Hart
Sometimes it's necessary for your sanity to hone in on the things that you love and the people you enjoy hanging out with. - Dan Smith
Sanity is a sliding scale for we all hold beliefs that may not correspond to reality. - Julian Gold
Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting. - John Russell
Those who kept their sanity and humanity intact in the face of awful adversity. Heroes named and unnamed, some known only to God. - Silvia Cartwright
Chemotherapy tests your sanity. - Melissa Etheridge
There's a big difference between sanity and insanity. - Megan Gallagher
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