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11 Best Copycat Quotes

Copycats are everywhere. The meaning of COPYCAT is one who imitates or adopts the behavior or practices of another. It's never appreciated to be a copycat. This is a collection of 11 quotes on Copycat.

As long as you're being a copycat, you will never be the best copycat. - Eric Thomas
A copycat is like a poor amateur. Just another rip off. Krisztina
Creativity vs. inspiration: inspiration makes a copy, creativity makes something completely new. - Hannah Garrison
Without authenticity, we are only a poor imitation of someone else. - Tom Hayes
Be yourself because an original is always worth more than a copy. - Suzy Kassem
Good artists copy, great artists steal. - Pablo Picasso
Strong brands are not built through shortcuts and copycats. - Bernard Kelvin Clive
Obsessing on evil is boring. Rousing fear is a hackneyed shtick. Wallowing is despair is a bad habit. Indulging in cynicism is akin to committing a copycat crime. - Rob Brezsny
The king of comedy is dead. Richard Pryor was the king of comedy. The rest of them are the king of copycats. - Paul Mooney
There's no harm being a copycat. If someone else is doing a good job, copy. It's free. - Uday Kotak
On the inside, the copycats of the ruffians are more delicate than the copycats of prudes. - Criss Jami
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