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25 Option Quotes And Sayings

Option is a chance to chose. We love lo have options. We love to choose from many options and many choices. This is a collection of 25 quotes and sayings on Option.

The biggest present you can give are options. - Daren Martin
A generation is not defined by the options it has but by the choices it makes. - Sharanya Haridas
You have as many options as you give yourself. - Kasie West
An artist has only two options: fail or never begin. - Marty Rubin
Options are good. Keeps people choosing. - Craig Benzine
Failure is an option, fear is not. - James Cameron
Options abound world over, Options to choose from and be the best. - Jaachynma N.E. Agu
There are times when being strong is the only option. - Adam Scythe
It's nice to have options even if you can't take them. - Sarah Dessen
You limit your options every time you don't try your best. - Stacy London
Don't let public opinions pinion you. - Constance Friday
Whenever you are given two choices, look out for the third option. - Sara Arinto
Success is about having more options. More the options, more the success. - Krishna Saagar
In life you have three options with any situation that is a challenge. Remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it. - Phil Mcgraw
An option hides where we don't want it to hide. - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
There are two options: adapt or die. - Andy Grove
We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell. - Lance Armstrong
Arm yourself with as many options as possible before making your next move. - Mallory Ortberg
The minute you realize that your options are unlimited, things just start falling into place all around you. - John Cusack
Freedom, privileges, options, must constantly be exercised, even at the risk of inconvenience. - Jack Vance
Choices, options, decisions abound. Choose right, take the best option and decide well. - Jaachynma N.E. Agu
Once the options increase, settling on one becomes harder. - Gayle Forman
Starting off, all options are always open, but as soon as you choose something, you inevitably limit yourself. If you go for B, A is out. - Alva Noto
There is always the option of being emotionally lazy, that is, of quoting. - Alain De Botton
Wealth isn't about money. It's about options...and you always have options. Choose wisely. Live wealthy. - Richie Norton
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