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Vacation is a important part of life. Vacations helps to fresh up our mind. Vacations are relaxing. This is a collection of 33+ quotes and sayings on vacations.

Vacation: a period of travel and relaxation when you take twice the clothes and half the money you need. - Jerry Smith
A vacation is a sunburn at premium prices. - Hal Chadwicke
Few vacations are as gratifying as those devoted to personal growth. - Pat Koch Thaler
Vacations are the coupons on the bonds of industry. - Harry Van Demark
When all else fails, take a vacation. - Betty Williams
Isn't it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation? - Zig Ziglar
Vacations prove that a life of pleasure is overrated. - Mason Cooley
Vacations are necessities, not luxuries. - Linda Bloom
Laughter is an instant vacation. - Milton Berle
A vacation frequently means that the family goes away for a rest, accompanied by mother, who sees that the others get it. - Marcelene Cox
Taking a vacation can actually increase the likelihood of getting a raise or a promotion. - Shawn Achor
On vacation, you can wear all the colorful and casual clothing that you like, but you must always be elegant. - Christian Dior
Remember when vacation photos meant toting along a bulky camera? - Peter Diamandis
Having someone cook all your meals is the best vacation ever! - Tamra Davis
Vacation time is something we all accrue, but only the wisest of us recognize its importance. - Andrea Goeglein
Extend your vacation whenever possible. - A.D. Posey
As you grow older, you learn a few things. One of them is to actually take the time you've allotted for vacation. - John Battelle
The ant is knowing and wise, but he doesn't know enough to take a vacation. - Clarence Day
With me a change of trouble is as good as a vacation. - David Lloyd George
Books were a huge part of my childhood growing up. We would go on vacation, and my mom was always carting manuscripts around. - David Grann
We've all been tired and thought we wanted a long vacation when all we needed was a few days off, but didn't know it. - George Cukor
When you go on vacation with people, you learn a lot about them. - Sarah Mlynowski
A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. - Robert Orben
When people went on vacation, they shed their home skins, thought they could be a new person. - Aimee Friedman
If you live where you want to go on vacation, you will always be on vacation. - Matt Fox
You don't need a vacation when there's anything to escape from. - El Fuego
When you plan a vacation, actually take it. - Andrea Goeglein
Really. Is there anything nice to be said about other people's vacations? - Amor Towles
Too much work, too much vacation, too much of any one thing is unsound. - Walter Annenberg
No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one. - Elbert Hubbard
You don't need a vacation when there's nothing to escape from. - Jason Mraz
Never take money in lieu of vacation time. Money will never give you what taking a break will give you. - Catherine Pulsifer
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