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Classic refers to something versatile. Classic is something that is old but will be remembered for along period of time. Classic things are beautiful. We love to hear classic songs, we love to watch classic movies ,we love to ride classic cars. Classic is class. This is a collection of 100+ Classic quotes and sayings.

'Classic.' A book which people praise and don't read. - Mark Twain
Definition of a classic: a book everyone is assumed to have read and often thinks they have. - Alan Bennett
You can't go wrong mixing classic graphics in black and white. It's very Parisienne. - Brad Goreski
I don't want to be too 'classic' because it's not in the DNA of Gucci. You need to be a little bit provocative. - Frida Giannini
Dinner, basketball game, four guys - classic. - Billy Bush
For my wardrobe, I like to invest in classic pieces and pair them with more trendy new pieces and accessories each season. - Liya Kebede
My favorite movies were 'Singin' in the Rain' and stuff that had a more classic comedy type feel, that more slapstickstuff. It's the comedy I've gravitated towards. - Colleen Ballinger
My all-time favourite classic use of ricotta is in gnudi: fluffy, cheesy dumplings of almost ethereal, feathery lightness. - Yotam Ottolenghi
'The Big Sky' is an American classic. - George Pelecanos
I'm the classic absent-minded professor: I'm very focused on something, and meanwhile, I've left the refrigerator door open for hours. - Jewel
What makes a book great, a so-called classic, it its quality of always being modern, of its author, though he be long dead, continuing to speak to each new generation. - Lawrence Clark Powell
Peer pressure and social norms are powerful influences on behaviour, and they are classic excuses. - Andrew Lansley
Wally Amos is the classic example of a man who gets up again and again. - Zig Ziglar
Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. Why are blue jeans a classic? You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right. - Diane von Furstenberg
Learn at least two classic ballroom dances, at least one of them Latin. - Marilyn vos Savant
A classic is a book that doesn't have to be written again. - W. E. B. Du Bois
Kids like classic rock, and so do adults. - Wolfman Jack
I'm a little quirky, a little offbeat, and I'm certainly not a classic beauty. - Ari Graynor
Your classic guacamole is just avocados, lime juice, and salt. - Guy Fieri
I like to do a little bit of boldness but mixed in with a classic look. You don't have to do something crazy to stand out. - Blake Griffin
Anytime you get action legends together, it has to be a classic. - Chuck Norris
The kind of classic pose of a female model is to look kind of sexy and a bit annoyed. - Caitlin Moran
Classic art was the art of necessity: modern romantic art bears the stamp of caprice and chance. - Max Eastman
When you have a regime that would be happier in the afterlife than in this life, this is not a regime that is subject to classic theories of deterrence. - John Bolton
Imitation is flattery, and The Hills Have Eyes is a classic. - Michael Berryman
I like to keep things classic, not lavish or blinged out. I don't even say that word. The last thing I want to be is over the top. - Dhani Jones
Our fashion style is very legendary and very classic. I feel like it's different, and I feel like everybody got our own different style to bring to the table. - Quavo
I'll hear us on classic rock radio stations, and I'll go, 'Oh, my God, we're getting old!' - Mike McCready
Classic rock, psychedelic rock - I like to dig up old music and see what I can get influenced by. - Diplo
Musical theatre history is littered with bad reviews for now classic pieces. - Andrew Lloyd Webber
I'm not the classic type - fair skin, very beautiful women of a classic type, I'm talking about now. - Debra Wilson
The populists themselves are dangerous, but they are far more dangerous when the traditional, classic parties adopt their harmful proposals. - Jean-Claude Juncker
When people don't like themselves very much, they have to make up for it. The classic bully was actually a victim first. - Tom Hiddleston
European style is classic, with its own color, and to me, it always feels chic. - G-Dragon
My all-time favourite classic use of ricotta is in gnudi: fluffy, cheesy dumplings of almost ethereal, feathery lightness. - Yotam Ottolenghi
Not everyone can say, 'I'm going to write a classic today.' If that was the case, we'd all be doing it. - Liam Gallagher
Even as exuberant as my style is and as over the top as I may be, I can appreciate a classic when it's really well done. - Jeremy Scott
People thought 'Classic Man' was processed. But then they realized, 'Oh, this guy actually is that man, and he actually dresses like that.' - Jidenna
When you re-read a classic you do not see in the book more than you did before. You see more in you than there was before. - Clifton Fadiman
One of the things I do as a food writer is to take a classic recipe made with meat, look at it a whole lot, and tinker with it according to my taste. - Crescent Dragonwagon
I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity of travelling across this country and enduring all the classic situations that go with talking to people. - Barbara Amiel
It's part of a cycle of stories I'm writing where I deconstruct classic science fiction. - Cory Doctorow
I try to make things that are fresh and different, even if they are inspired by classic things. - Ralph Lauren
I love the classic crooners, but I got that from my mother - she worked in a record store. - Tori Amos
I've been fortunate to be in films that are classic, that are going to be around. - Samuel L. Jackson
I don't believe in balance, not in the classic way. - Marissa Mayer
The beauty of what Apple does at Apple is that they're not on trend; they are classic. - Anna Wintour
I love the classic side of skating, making it look like a full program and not just technical based. - Kaetlyn Osmond
All the classic bands that have been around forever, they came up gradually. - Rob Zombie
Classic music will always come across better on the ice because skating has such a rich history, rooted in tradition. - Gracie Gold
I enjoyed reading all the classic authors like Isaac Asimov and Bradbury. - William Shatner
The Beatles, 'Revolver.' It's pop. It's classic. It's experimental. It's revolutionary. - Ludovico Einaudi
I'm not good enough, technically, to be a classic musician. I lack discipline. - Ritchie Blackmore
A classic is a work which persists as a background noise even when a present that is totally incompatible with it holds sway. - Italo Calvino
In science, read, by preference, the newest works; in literature, the oldest. The classic literature is always modern. - Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
If you are going to remake a film, you may as well remake a classic. - Liev Schreiber
Ground turkey is fantastic in a comforting classic - meatloaf. - Katie Lee
There is but one way left to save a classic; to give up revering him and use him for our own salvation. - Jose Ortega y Gasset
It's meant to reaffirm the validity of that music - clean, minimalist, honest, classic music. - Dwight Yoakam
Combining sounds that are from another universe with the classic songwriting structures never gets old for me. - Flume
A book doesn't have to be a literary classic, of course, to change us forever. - Pico Iyer
'Street Legal' is like a cult classic. It's pretty cheesy at times, but you learn to embrace it. - Kurt Vile
Bill Clinton is a classic, old-school Southern pragmatic Democrat. - Monica Crowley
Parineeta is a classic love story. - Sanjay Dutt
Increasingly, I find myself drawn to classic forms - to Euripides, Shakespeare and grand opera. - Robert Wilson
A good jean that fits someone's butt right is just amazing. It's just classic. - Petra Collins
I'm really pretty classic. - Nick Wooster
New York lost a classic. Carmine was an old school New Yorker. - Anthony Weiner
I started painting graffiti in the classic New York style of big letters and characters but I was never very good at it. - Banksy
Classic Rock radio gave us our longevity. - George Thorogood
I usually tend to stay toward classic things. - Italia Ricci
I think trying to maintain a classic pretty style is the way I like to go, like Margot Robbie's style. - Hailey Baldwin
Like, I'll wear a bright sweater with pants that are a more classic color. - J. R. Smith
Salsa, classic rock, soul music, jazz... all of that was a part of my education in making hip-hop music. - Aloe Blacc
Jimi Hendrix is a classic example of a player in which everything he did, it was all in his hands. - Joe Bonamassa
I'd love to have a Christmas classic under my belt. It's hard to write a Christmas song. - Patty Smyth
I have classic and feminine taste. I'm definitely drawn to vintage-inspired and ladylike things. I like an accentuated waist, and a strong shoulder works well with my figure. - Christina Hendricks
I'm sure if Shakespeare were alive today, he'd be doing classic guitar solos on YouTube. - Peter Capaldi
I do more comedy, actually. I don't do the classic novelas. - Jaime Camil
I was the classic middle child in some ways, the one who could have been a priest in an alternate universe. - Chiwetel Ejiofor
I don't think you can ever remake a classic. - Aditya Roy Kapur
Obviously, we're focused on the Winter Classic. - Gary Bettman
Entrepreneurs are great at dealing with uncertainty and also very good at minimizing risk. That's the classic great entrepreneur. - Mohnish Pabrai
Broadway is a definite symbol of New York. It's classic New York. - Katharine McPhee
'The Dark Knight Rises,' it turns out, is a classic Batman epic. - Neal Adams
I'm a classic example of all humorists - only funny when I'm working. - Peter Sellers
The classic Italian green sauce, salsa verde, is easy to make and especially nice in the spring when bunches of fresh herbs start appearing in the farmers market or in your garden. - Tom Douglas
I'd kind of like to have a classic old muscle car. I think that would be fun. - Brooke Burke
French designers are classic, chic, and traditional. - Coco Rocha
By the nature of cinema and how it literalizes what we envision, movies can have difficulty replicating that connection we make with a classic book. - Steve Erickson
I like classics but I always add a twist because I don't like to think of my clothes as classic. - Monique Lhuillier
I've been blessed by doing classic plays on Broadway, which was one of my great dreams forever. - Michael Emerson
My father was a classic intellectual. From him I learned devotion, and I also learned about the life of the mind. - Brian Dennehy
The classic think-tank is supposed to be sitting in an attic thinking up grand ideas. - Geoff Mulgan
'Mother India' is a classic that I love. - Hazel Keech
Russia is classic fascism. - Daniel Silva
When I was a lot younger, my parents raised me watching classic movies. - Sara Paxton
Classic comedy is classic comedy, and it will go on for years. - David Jason
Poirot is a classic character from fiction, not a MacBook Air; he would not benefit from updates. - Sophie Hannah
I adore doing classic adaptations, but I also feel their frustrations and their limitations. - Andrew Davies
I think listening to real classic soul material made me learn how to feel music that's sung. - Gavin DeGraw
All the classic jazz players all sang and a lot of 'em sang blues. - Mose Allison
The classic, quote/unquote, craft of songwriting still works; it still is relevant. - Ryan Tedder
I'm the classic old-school entrepreneur that says let's build companies of lasting value. - Heidi Roizen
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