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33+ Adorable Teddy Bear Quotes For Social Media

The teddy bear is said to be named after United States President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. In 1902, President Roosevelt went on a bear-hunting trip in Mississippi. While hunting he captured an American black bear but refused to kill it. Besides being cuddly and cute, they offer unconditional love, reassurance, security, and companionship. Many adults still have fond memories of their own teddy bears they loved as children.

A teddy bear is a traditional and timeless toy and is often given as a keepsake to a young child. People see them as an important part of growing up because they provide comfort and companionship, a friend to talk to, and it's not just children who benefit from the positive effects of a comforting teddy bear squeeze. This is a collection of Most Adorable Teddy Bear Quotes For Social Media. Let's take a look.

Your first teddy is the one that holds the most warmth and memories.
A cute teddy bear, to my cute friend, on a cute occasions, just to say. Happy Teddy Bear Day!
Hugging a teddy bear works as a beautiful remedy when you are emotionally weak.
Love for teddy bears is love for simplicity. Let us hug our teddies on Teddy Bear Day.
Cry hugging a teddy and you will never be judged. Happy Teddy Bear Day.
Teddy bears like to go on morning picnics in the summertime, so they can enjoy the sunshine. Abigail Darling
Whoever said "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" would retract that statement after seeing the sparkle in a Teddy's eyes. Lana T. Zeis.
To a child, Teddy is a bridge between a human and an animal. He doesn't mind being dressed in ridiculous hats. Peter Bull
A bear knows all your secrets ― and keeps them. Roseanne A. Brown
There's just something about a teddy bear that's impossible to explain. When you hold one in your arms, you get a feeling of love, comfort, and security. James Ownby
The world is divided into two nations: those with teddy bears, those without. Jenny De Vries
Love me, love my Teddy Bear. Samantha Armstrong
A bedroom without a Teddy is like a face without a smile. Gil Davies
Bears need people. People need bears. Pam Brown
It is astonishing, really, how many thoroughly mature, well-adjusted grown-ups harbor a teddy bear ― which is perhaps why they are thoroughly mature and well-adjusted. Joseph Lempa
Teddy bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love.
Teddies are just another reason, Just another way to say I care, I will be there forever, No matter the good and bad times we share! Happy Teddy Bear Day!
When a teddy bear, there is just no fear. With a teddy bear, happiness is always near.
Teddy Bears are like keys… they’re always in the first place you think they’d be, and the last place you look.
Your teddy bear will never let you down.
They can make even the saddest souls feel better because they are cute teddy bears.
We can make this world a place full of love, care and affection with teddy bears.
If you love teddy bears then you are still innocent at heart. A very Happy Teddy Bear Day.
Hugging a teddy bear works as a beautiful remedy when you are emotionally weak
Teddy bears are there to spread love and happiness and fill our lives with goodness.
A bear teaches us that if the heart is true, it doesn't matter much if an ear drops off. Helen Exley
A teddy bear is your childhood wrapped up in faded yellow fur, and as such, he commands affection long after he is out grown. Pam Brown
A bear remains a bear - even when most of him has fallen off or worn away. Charlotte Gray
Cuddling was for great aunts and teddy bears. Cuddling gave him cramp. David Nicholls
Fact: More people are killed each year by teddy bears than by grizzly bears. Laura Lee
It's too bad we're not all teddy bears. More stuffing would only make us cuter and cuddlier. Richelle E. Goodrich
A teddy bear is the kid’s first friend and the memories they make with them stays longer than their childhood. Sarvesh Jain
You can never sleep alone when you have a teddy bear to give you company.
Their soft touch, their tender furs and their warmth makes them special. Happy Teddy Bear Day.
This world needs more teddy bears because this world needs more love and happiness.

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