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22 Fascinating Horacio Pagani Quotes

Horacio Pagani is the founder of Pagani Automobili S.p.A., an Italian specialty auto-maker. He is known for his magnificent designs. Horacio Pagani is known as the last automotive artist. The son of a baker from a small town in Argentina to the gorgeous green pianura of Emilia Romagna, Horacio Pagani founded his legendary Pagani Automobili Modena in 1992 following work as builder and designer at Lamborghini. In 1999, he unleashed the Zonda C12 to the world, and let’s just say, everyone’s jaws dropped.

This is a collection of 22 Fascinating Horacio Pagani Quotes.

It all began when I was a child. But there's not a specific moment that I can remember, but I began to think about these things as I was around 6 or 7 years old. Horacio Pagani
There’s a complete, full propensity to the client. Our mission is to make the client happy, as he’s our real employer. Each of our cars is unique and came into being as a result of a tailor-made project, born of listening to the customers. The cars are all different. Each Pagani is born of proper psychological work, intended to understand what are mechanisms which, in each client, generate emotions. Horacio Pagani
Rear-engined cars were magic to me. I have always designed rear-engined cars. Horacio Pagani
I was fascinated by Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, all those car brands from around Modena that I came into contact with when I read an Argentine car magazine. Horacio Pagani
Luckily this passion for cars is also a passion for art, for engineering, for mechanics. Horacio Pagani
My mother also played piano, my father liked Jazz, so let's say that the arts had a strong presence at home and this of course was important. Horacio Pagani
I was fascinated by the dynamics of cars. Horacio Pagani
One day I received the best luck in the world when I had a magazine in my hands that wrote about the life of Leonardo da Vinci. Horacio Pagani
We wanted it to be completely different it's concept, the mechanics, everything different. Horacio Pagani
Leonardo in the Renaissance, so about 500 years ago, claimed that art and science can walk together hand in hand and so when I read this saying from Leonardo it opened a new window for me a world that I wanted to explore. Horacio Pagani
This expression of the hands, these thoughts of the mind, in this journey through the heart, and the hands follow everything through this manual intellectuality. Horacio Pagani
Let's say it's our mission to create pieces of art in all respects of the word. Horacio Pagani
With every car we make it has a history, a story behind it. Horacio Pagani
When we start to make something for our customers, the mission is to take our time with every aspect. Horacio Pagani
The Huayra is a car that expresses so many new concepts, such as its design and the way it was built, the suspensions, its safety, dynamics. Horacio Pagani
I think Zonda's engine in terms of 12 cylinder engines was and still is extraordinary because this Mercedeze-built engine was advanced and very ahead of its time. Horacio Pagani
Perhaps it is now better to start being more realistic with our cars and become more concerned with the environment. Horacio Pagani
The Zonda HP Barchetta was sold for 14 million euros a few years ago. For the same money, you have a complete 10-story condo for it. It makes no sense. It’s absurd. Horacio Pagani
Every night I went to say goodbye to my cars. Horacio Pagani
In the future, Pagani will be studying all the technology possible to try and make electric cars a possibility of the future. Horacio Pagani
A customer now gets excited about a supercar because of the sound of the engine, the cylinders, the sound of the exhaust, the gearbox and the shape, the design. Horacio Pagani
In Germany, Porsche and Mercedes work together when necessary. Here the supercars companies are like cats and dogs. Horacio Pagani
The car company is consolidated here, and here we will stay. Horacio Pagani
Any object which was composing the car was to be a piece of design, the tension towards beauty is in fact total. We assume, of course, that absolute excellence was what we’ve been aiming for, in all areas, in each component, in every detail even the ones you don’t see. Horacio Pagani

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