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30+ Funny And Inspirational Ted Lasso Quotes

Ted Lasso is an American sports comedy-drama streaming television series. The series is based on format and characters from NBC Sports. The first season of 10 episodes premiered on Apple TV+ on August 14, 2020, with three episodes, followed by weekly installments. The second season of 12 episodes premiered on July 23, 2021. In October 2020, the series was renewed for a third season.

The show was initially conceived by stars Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt – who play Lasso and Coach Beard, respectively – over 20 years ago, when the pair were performing as improv comedy troupe Boom Chicago. The series has received critical acclaim, with particular praise for its performances, writing, and uplifting tone and themes. The casts of the show are Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Welton, Jeremy Swift as Leslie Higgins, Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard, and more.

This is a collection of Ted Lasso Quotes.

Our goal is to go out like Willie Nelson—on a high! Ted Lasso
If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes it’s easier to speak our minds anonymously. Ted Lasso
I think that if you care about someone and you got a little love in your heart, there ain’t nothing you can’t get through together. Ted Lasso
I do love a locker room. It smells like potential. Ted Lasso
I always figured that tea was just gonna taste like hot brown water. And you know what? I was right. It’s horrible. No, thank you. Ted Lasso
I promise you there is something worse out there than being sad, and that’s being alone and being sad. Ain’t no one in this room alone. Ted Lasso
I like my water like Kyrie Irving likes his Earth. Flat. Ted Lasso
If y’all were really introverts, you would’ve been quiet as a church mouse. Unless that church was Westboro Baptist. Those turkeys won’t shut up.Ted Lasso
Back where I’m from, you try to end a game in a tie; well, that might as well be the first sign of the apocalypse. Ted Lasso
Your body is like day-old rice. If it ain’t warmed up properly, something real bad could happen. Ted Lasso
If God would have wanted games to end in a tie, she wouldn’t have invented numbers. Ted Lasso
There’s a bunch of crazy stuff on Twitter. Heck, someone made an account for my mustache. Ted Lasso
Hey, takin' on a challenge is a lot like ridin' a horse. If you're comfortable while you're doin' it, you're probably doin' it wrong. Ted Lasso
We’re gonna call this drill ‘The Exorcist’ cause it’s all about controlling possession. Ted Lasso
It’s like a muffin, except it sucks all the spit out of your mouth. Ted Lasso
If that’s a joke, I love it. If not, can’t wait to unpack that with you later. Ted Lasso
Living in the moment, it’s a gift. That’s why they call it the present. Ted Lasso
You say impossible, but all I hear is ‘I’m possible. Ted Lasso
Taking on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse, isn’t it? If you’re comfortable while you’re doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong. Ted Lasso
There’s two buttons I never like to hit, alright? And that’s ‘panic’ and ‘snooze. Ted Lasso
I think that you might be so sure that you’re one in a million, that sometimes you forget that out there you’re just one in 11. Ted Lasso
Ice cream’s the best. It’s kinda like seeing Billy Joel live. Never disappoints. Ted Lasso
You got Ronaldo and the fellow who bends it like himself. Ted Lasso
I shouldn’t bring an umbrella to a brainstorm. Ted Lasso
Doing the right thing is never the wrong thing. Ted Lasso
I’ve never been embarrassed about having streaks in my drawers. You know, it’s all part of growing up. Ted Lasso
Great party game, horrible relationship status. Ted Lasso
You should do a TED Talk, ’cause right now you’re getting a whole heap of ‘Ted listen. Ted Lasso
You are more mysterious than David Blaine reading a Sue Grafton novel at Area 51. Ted Lasso
You know what the happiest animal on Earth is? It’s a goldfish. Y’know why? It’s got a 10-second memory. Be a goldfish. Ted Lasso
You beating yourself up is like Woody Allen playing the clarinet. I don’t wanna hear it. All right? Ted Lasso
I come bearing sweet treats to numb the sting of defeat. Ted Lasso

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