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Peter Brook is an English theatre and film director. His goal is to reinvigorate the theater through a theatrical vocabulary not tied to language. Brook used all aspects of theatre to stage this: lighting, set, props, costumes, and most importantly, action. He was born in the Bedford Park area of Chiswick, London.

Hamlet, Orghast, The Mahabharata are some of his most notable theatre works. His filmography includes The Beggar's Opera, King Lear, Tell Me Lies, and more. He is the only one to receive the trio of Commander of the Order of the British Empire, L├ęgion d'honneur, and Padma Shri. He has been called our greatest living theatre director.

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Reality' is a word with many meanings. Peter Brook
A stage space has two rules: (1) Anything can happen and (2) Something must happen. Peter Brook
No act of government can save the world. Peter Brook
You become a director by calling yourself a director and you then persuade other people that this is true. Peter Brook
The closeness of reality and the distance of myth, because if there is no distance you aren't amazed, and if there is no closeness you aren't moved. Peter Brook
If, in English, we speak words, the French speak thoughts. Peter Brook
To be violent is the ultimate laziness. War always seems a great effort, but it is the easy way. And false non-violence is also an idol. Peter Brook
A large part of our excessive, unnecessary manifestations come from a terror that if we are not somehow signaling all the time that we exist, we will in fact no longer be there. Peter Brook
Theatre is, occasionally, capable of moments of truth. Peter Brook
The life of a play begins and ends in the moment of performance. Peter Brook
Every form of theatre has something in common with a visit to the doctor. On the way out, one should always feel better than on the way in. Peter Brook
There are prophets, there are guides, and there are argumentative people with theories, and one must be careful to discriminate between them. Peter Brook
Of course, it is most of all dirt that gives the roughness its edge; filth and vulgarity are natural, obscenity is joyous: with these the spectacle takes on its socially liberating role, for by nature the popular theatre is anti-authoritarian, anti- traditional, anti-pomp, anti-pretence. This is the theatre of noise, and the theatre of noise is the theatre of applause. Peter Brook

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