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22+ Laughable Peter Griffin Quotes

Peter Griffin is a fictional character and the protagonist of the American animated sitcom Family Guy. He is a middle-class Irish American, who is a bespectacled, obese blue-collar worker with a prominent Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts accent.

Peter discovered his low intellect falls slightly below the level for mental retardation after taking an I.Q. test, which places his I.Q. at around 70. Stewie's voice was based on the voice of English actor Rex Harrison, especially his performance in the 1964 musical drama film My Fair Lady.

He has appeared in several pieces of Family Guy merchandise, including toys, T-shirts, and video games, and he has made crossover appearances in other shows, including The Simpsons, Drawn Together, American Dad!, and Family Guy's spin-off series The Cleveland Show.

Here is a collection of 22+ Laughable Peter Griffin Quotes.

Bird Is The Word.
Gosh, It’s Not Like The Internet To Go Crazy About Something Small And Stupid.
Shut Up, Meg.
Whoa, Whoa... Lois, This Is Not My Batman Glass.
Wow, you're cooler than a York peppermint patty!
There's A Message In My Alpha-Bits.
This Is The Story Of Star Wars. Let's Begin With Part Four.
We act like we didn't take a lot from the Simpsons. We took a lot from the Simpsons.
I'm The Most Non-Competitive. So I Win.
All right, red light. Time to text and shave and whittle and floss.
I May Be An Idiot, But There's One Thing I'm Not Sir, And That Is An Idiot.
I Always Thought Dogs Laid Eggs. And I Learned Something Today.
“Lois Griffin: Have you been drinking?
Peter Griffin: Why yes I have... thank you.”
Smells like this guy's already wet himself.
Lois Might Be Worth A Million Dollars To You, But To Me She's Worthless.
Well you guys we did it. We finally went to a restaurant without somebody yelling at us, and the rest of the place applauding them.
Peter, did you read the fine print on this loan contract?
Wait a minute! I don't see any strippers handing out free tacos. Lois, you lied to me!
Don't flatter yourself, that was from this morning.
I saw Baywatch. That thing was freakin' rad.
Meg Griffin: I MATTER!
Peter Griffin: Shut up, Meg, you don't matter!
This is a story of love and loss, fathers and sons, and the foresight to retain international merchandising rights. This is the story of Star Wars. Let's begin with part four.
I guess we've learned that no matter who you are or where you come from, life is a terrible thing.

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