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31 Most Famous John Cena Quotes

John Cena is one of the most famous WWE superstars of all time. He is known for his hip-hop-style clothing and the positive motivational vibe that he brings to the stage. Cena started his professional entertainment wrestling career in 2000. Before that, he began training to become a professional wrestler in 1999 at Ultimate Pro Wrestling.

John Cena holds A joint-record 16-time world champion. He has won the WWE Championship thirteen times, a record for the title. Bleacher Report named Cena one of the 10 greatest WWE wrestlers of all time. Cena also starred in movies, appeared in TV shows and series. Cena's first movie The Marine was commercially successful. He won numerous awards for his acting in movies including the 2018 People's Choice Awards for The Comedy Movie Star of 2018.

John Cena is wildly famous and motivated by many. This is a collection of 31 motivational quotes from the face of the WWE John Cena.

Hustle, Loyalty, Respect. John Cena
A man’s character is not judged after he celebrates a victory, but by what he does when his back is against the wall. John Cena
Live fast, fight hard, no regrets! John Cena
Nobody remembers second place. John Cena
Time management is the key. Although it seems hectic, as long as you manage your time properly you can get everything done. John Cena
To succeed, i have to believe every night, in my heart, that i am the best. John Cena
If you don’t learn from your mistakes, then they become regrets. John Cena
Live fast, fight hard, no regrets! John Cena
A true champion is not judged by how much he or she is admired, but by how well they can stand at the face of adversity. John Cena
I take pride in the fact that a lot of little kids dig what I do. John Cena
By the time I was 15 and I stepped in the high school gym, I was just stronger than everybody. John Cena
The big moments for me are moments when I can actually contribute. John Cena
I've met fans that are 9 months old to 90 years old. John Cena
With comedies, it's been very gratifying to be able to clock in, laugh all day, and then clock out. John Cena
My life is with WWE. John Cena
A relationship is based on communication. John Cena
The conditioning and the lifestyle changes you have to make to remain a healthy athlete are what molded me into what I am today. John Cena
If you watch wrestling, you now know the hip-hop culture is being represented with wrestling. For the longest time, the cultures have almost been parallel. John Cena
Thank you for letting idiots like me, come out and live this wonderful wonderful dream. I love you to death. Lets go home. John Cena
For the past 9 years, the WWE has been my home! John Cena
Winning the Royal Rumble is as big an accomplishment as anything. John Cena
We in the Great White North but you can bite my White South! John Cena
I am a champion who makes an impact. John Cena
Entertainment is often a medium in which you can put yourself front and center. John Cena
Whether you like me or you don’t, I still dig showing up for work. John Cena
I haven’t backed down from a fight in my life, and I won’t start tonight. John Cena
And at points in the movie, John Cena is actually impervious to bullets! John Cena
Vince McMahon owns me. John Cena
This is my life, this is my passion, this is all I got. John Cena
When you see me on TV, that’s about as close to my real personality as you can get. John Cena

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