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Charles Albert Tindley is the author of I'll Overcome Someday, which has inspired the theme song for the civil rights movement We Shall Overcome. Tindley's father was a slave, but his mother was free. Due to the slave code of the time, Tindley himself was thus considered to be free. By age five, both of his parents had died.

By age seventeen he had taught himself how to read. Another of his notable hymns is "(Take Your Burden to the Lord and) Leave It There" (1916), which has been included in several hymnals and has been recorded by numerous artists in a variety of styles. Others are "Stand by Me" (1905) and "What Are They Doing in Heaven?" He is widely considered the first gospel composer with numerous well-known hymns.

This is a collection of Charles Albert Tindley's quotes on life, winning, and freedom.

This world is one great battlefield, With forces all arrayed; If in my heart I do not yield I'll overcome someday. Charles Albert Tindley
To that blessed promised land; But He'll guide us with His eye, And we'll follow till we die; Charles Albert Tindley
A better day is coming, the morning draweth nigh, When girded right with holy might shall overthrow the wrong. Charles Albert Tindley
Guide my feet in peaceful ways, Turn my midnights into days; Charles Albert Tindley
There'll be a day that's always bright, A day that never yields to night Albert Tindley Quotes
The storm is passing over, Hallelujah! Charles Albert Tindley
Come, saints and sinners hear me tell The wonders of Emmanuel, Who saved me from a burning hell. Charles Albert Tindley
I have started out to find a better home, Where the trials of the world can never come. Charles Albert Tindley
By and by when the morning comes, All the saints of God are gathered home, We'll tell the story how we've overcome. For we'll understand it better by and by. Charles Albert Tindley
I have heard of a tree, a great Christmas tree. Charles Albert Tindley
I often wonder why it is, While some are happy and free, That I am tried and sore oppressed, But it may be the best for me. Charles Albert Tindley
If your life in days gone by, Has not been good and true, In your own way no longer try, But let Him fix it for you. Charles Albert Tindley
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