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13 Mystical Black Rose Quotes

Black roses are elegant. The black rose is an extremely rare color. Black roses derive their color from intense shades of purple or red rather than pure black. Mysterious and striking, the most common symbolism tied to black roses is that of death, mourning, or tragedy.

Black roses are symbols featured in fiction with many different meanings and titles such as black velvet rose, black magic, barcarolle, black beauty, Tuscany superb, black jade, and baccara.

This is a collection of black rose quotes and poems.

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There's a black rose growing in your garden.
Once a blooming red rose, full of streaming life in its veins. Now a wilting black petal rupturing with death and pain. Jessica Sorensen
A painful thorn, on a black rose, with such an elegance she bears it all. Destnys sapphire
Quelling smooth scent and painful exit thorns a spent black rose. MLee Dickens'son
My Black Rose, the Rose of death. McDennias H. Moyo
Black rose, black rose Who's gonna be your only one? Who's gonna keep you safe and warm? Run, run my baby black rose I'm gonna find you home. P.M. Highlanders
Jealousy can open the blood, it can make black roses. Sylvia Plath
In the cups, one after another, glistening disks rose, black without translucence. Samuel R. Delany
Black rose, the surprise every family hate The only fate we all have to face. Tebogo Molele
Down below Vadinho, her gallant knight, with the red rose in his hand, so red it was almost black, the rose of her love. Jorge Amado
A singular flower: it’s petals are a hue almost black and stem forest green. Matthew D. Laing
When the flowers start blooming Please pick me a rose One that is black And perfection it shows.
Black rose… my beautiful black rose Will you still be here when I wake up? LunasChild8
When you see that one lonely black rose be afraid for it shall be oposed. The-Black-Rose

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