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Hungry means wanting or needing food. Hungry is feeling an uneasy or painful sensation from lack of food. Hungry is characterized by or characteristic of hunger or appetite. All living creature has hunger and eventually becomes hungry for food. As human we become spiritually hungry too. This is a collection of 33 hungry quotes and sayings.

A hungry man can't see right or wrong. He just sees food. - Pearl S Buck
A hungry stomach cannot hear. Jean de la Fontaine
We are hungry for things that have touched human hands. - Faith Popcorn
People are not hungry just for bread, they are hungry for love. - Mother Teresa
Living on hope is like being hungry all the time. - Faith Sullivan
You're hungry for the infinite and the infinite is hungry for you. - Rob Brezsny
A hungry stomach rarely despises common food. - Horace
Being hungry is like being in love: if you don't know, you're probably not. - Geneen Roth
When hungry, eat your rice; when tired, close your eyes. Fools may laugh at me, but wise men will know what I mean. - Linji Yixuan
Hungry man, reach for the book: it is a weapon. - Bertolt Brecht
A hungry man is an angry one. - Buchi Emecheta
When hope is hungry, everything feeds it. - Mignon McLaughlin
Hungry people cannot be good at learning or producing anything, except perhaps violence. - Pearl Bailey
Only a stomach that rarely feels hungry scorns common things. -Horace
Hungry men have no respect for law, authority or human life. - Marcus Garvey
Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something. - Mitch Hedberg
Humans are the only hunters who kill when not hungry. - Steven Spielberg
You cannot feed the hungry on statistics. - Heinrich Heine
Stay hungry, stay healthy, be a gentleman, believe strongly in yourself and go beyond limitations. - Arnold Schwarzenegger
People don't speak of hunger when they know what it is to be hungry. - Vicki Baum
People are hungry for stories of faith. People are hungry for hope. - Roma Downey
Wait until you are hungry to say something, until there is an aching in you to speak. - Natalie Goldberg
You don't decide to paint. It's like getting hungry and going to the kitchen to eat. It's a need, not a choice. - Leonora Carrington
This is the artist, then, life's hungry man, the glutton of eternity, beauty's miser, glory's slave. - Tom Wolfe
A hungry man is not a free man. - Adlai Stevenson I
Hungry people are always looking for more. More things to do. More to learn. More responsibility to take on. - Patrick Lencioni
If you're hungry enough even poison tastes good. - Billy Coffey
People see a hungry face, and they want to feed it; that's a natural response. - Paul Theroux
Eating when you're not hungry and taking in that amount of food is exhausting. - Chris Hemsworth
Great things come out of being hungry and cold. Once you're pampered, you get lazy. - Rob Zombie
People don't speak of hunger when they know what it is to be hungry. - Vicki Baum
We need to always stay hungry. When we lose the ball, get it back quickly. - Dejan Lovren
When you're hungry, everything tastes good. John Witherspoon
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