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Geography is a field of science devoted to the study of the lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena of the Earth and planets. The ancient Greek scholar Eratosthenes is known as the father of geography since he's the guy who first coined the term. Geography emerged as an academic discipline in the late nineteenth century, providing knowledge about areal differentiation that was crucial both for informing commercial and colonial enterprises and for creating an informed citizenry in a new age of mass education. Its key concepts are environment, place, and space and its goal is to account for what is where. This is a collection of 33 Geography quotes and sayings.

Geography is an earthly subject, but a heavenly science. - Edmund Burke
Geography is the art of the mappable. - Peter Haggett
There is a geography of the human spirit, common to all peoples. - Linda Hogan
What makes a nation in the beginning is a good piece of geography. - Robert Frost
Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future. - Michael Palin
If you know a country's geography, you can understand and predict its foreign policy. - Napoleon Bonaparte
History is all explained by geography. - Robert Penn Warren
Geography blended with time equals destiny. - Joseph Brodsky
If geography is prose, maps are iconography. - Lennart Meri
Geography and mileage mean nothing. Separate is a single word that covers all distances that aren't together. - Rivera Sun
Everything has to do with geography. - Judy Martz
Even as regards Earth we are more committed to history than to geography, more committed to time than to space. History is endless. Place is limited. - Thomas Berry
Characters, conflict and geography are things that must be considered while making movies from adaptations. - Vetrimaaran
Geography is the key, the crucial accident of birth. - Annie Dillard
There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives. - Josephine Hart
Geography can be a major restriction for people to not be able to showcase their talent. - Shankar Mahadevan
Geography is about maps, but biography is about chaps. - Eric Bentley
An island is a fixed and finite piece of geography, and usually the whole place has been carved up and claimed. - Paul Theroux
Without geography you're nowhere. - Jimmy Buffett
The only effort worth making is the one it takes to learn the geography of one's own nature. - Paul Bowles
In our changing world nothing changes more than geography. - Pearl S. Buck
Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. - John F. Kennedy
There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives. - Josephine Hart
The peculiar value of geography lies in its fitness to nourish the mind with ideas and furnish the imagination with pictures. - Charlotte Mason
Religion is a mere question of geography. - Edward Gibbon
Geography is destiny. - Abraham Verghese
Geography does not define you - love does. - Eve Ensler
There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outline all our lives. - Josephine Hart
The formidable power of geography determines the character and performance of a people. - Ethel Wilson
Losing has nothing to do with geography. - Chuck Noll
Dreams are our only geography—our native land. - Dejan Stojanovic
Geography was not furthered by the achievement, scientific progress was scarcely hastened, and nothing new was discovered. - Edmund Hillary
Geography is the study of earth as the home of people. - Yi-Fu Tuan
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