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A Garage is a building where a car is kept, built next to or as part of a house. But garages are often used for many purposes. Apple was created in a garage. Nirvana was created in a garage. This is a collection of Garage quotes and sayings.

Our garage was basically science fair central. - Jeff Bezos
We worked hard, and in 10 years Apple had grown from just the two of us in a garage into a 2 billion company with over 4000 employees. - Steve Jobs
A 50-year-old company can innovate as well as two guys/gals in a garage. - Guy Kawasaki
You don't have to live in a garage to write great poetry. - Felix Dennis
The modern idea of home has been well expressed as the place one goes from the garage. - George Wickersham
Take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care of you on the road. - Amit Kalantri
The officials in the garage do a great job. - Kevin Harvick
Let's say you're a garage mechanic, and you have big dreams about opening up your own chain of branded garages around the country. - Terrific. Gene Simmons
The slogan of progress is changing from the full dinner pail to the full garage. - Herbert Hoover
Your body is the garage where you park your soul. - Wayne Dyer
This is what entrepreneurship is all about. You start off operating from a garage. And, end up, operating from a car. - Sharad Vivek Sagar
Of course it's fantastic to have bands formed in garages, but there is a market for other types of music. - Rachel Stevens
Garages, barns and attics are always older than the buildings to which they are attached. - Leonard Cohen
Garage music came up when people weren't paying attention. - Estelle
A clean basement, garage and attic are signs of an empty life. - Doug Larson
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