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Goats are among the earliest animals domesticated by humans. Goats are naturally curious. Some people choose goats as a pet because of their ability to form close bonds with their human guardians. Goats are widely present in Norse mythology, Greek mythology. This is a collection of Goat quotes and sayings.

The blood of a goat will shatter a diamond. - Aristotle
An old goat is never the more reverend for his beard. - Thomas Fuller
Sheep are stupid, and have to be driven. But goats are intelligent, and need to be led. - Terry Pratchett
We know the goats are imported because they don't speak English. - Scott Adams
Shout out to Sting: that's the G.O.A.T. right there. The goat. Greatest of all time. - Juice World
A goat's a goat. Whether you sauté or barbeque it, it's still a goat. - Paul Mooney
Sometimes there has to be a goat on some level, and I'm totally fine with that being me. - Abby Wambach
Even goats may have starlight in their eyes. - Robert W. Service
Ideas are easy. It's the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats. - Sue Grafton
Love is not love, without a violin playing goat. - Julia Roberts
A goat does not eat into a hen's stomach no matter how friendly the two may be. - Chinua Achebe
Political men, like goats, usually thrive best among inequalities. - Walter Savage Landor
Happiness isn't happiness unless there's a violin-playing goat. - Julia Roberts
Just like a mountain goat climbing very steep and dangerous land to lick salt from the rocks, man also should take high risks to get what he wants! - Mehmet Murat Ildan
Don't approach a goat from the front, a horse from the back, or a fool from any side. - PROVERBS
The goat's business is none of the sheep's concern. - Edna Ferber
Something about the goat dancing made me want to cry. - Susanna Kaysen
In sports, every day you can be the hero or the goat. - Geoff Stults
Goat screaming videos are hilarious. - Miguel
You could change into a goat and it would still apply. - Maria V. Snyder
When a goat likes a book, the whole book is gone, and the meaning has to go find an author again. - William Stafford
It's better to live a goat than 100 sheep. - Madonna Ciccone
You Liberals think that goats are just sheep from broken homes. - Malcolm Bradbury
To the goats, all people are equal, except for those who have treats. - Karin Tidbeck
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