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A lifeguard works for peoples life. Lifeguards often threatens their own life in to risk to save others. This is a Quoteish quote tribute to all the life guards with top 7 "Lifeguard" quotes and sayings.

A lifeguard is like a lighthouse, guiding ships to safety. - Anonymous
Being a lifeguard can be stressful. Take time to relax. - Anonymous
If your lifeguard duties were as good as your singing, a lot of people would be drowning. - Simon Cowell
Being a lifeguard is not a summer job, it's a lifelong commitment. - Anonymous
The steps of a lifeguard are driven by commitment. - Anonymous
The problem with the gene pool is that there's no lifeguard. - David Gerrold
Happiness is seeing the muscular lifeguard all the girls were admiring leave the beach hand in hand with another muscular lifeguard. - Johnny Carson
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