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Life sometimes sucks. For all of us it'a common feeling that life lucks sometimes. This is a collection of quotes and sayings on "Life Sucks".

Life sucks, and then you die. - Stephenie Meyer
When life sucks, throw yourself into art. - Monica Drake
Life sucks, but you have the option to sit there and cry about it or you can simply move on and become stronger. - Leah Iacono
The life of man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. - Thomas Hobbes
Life Sucks,get a helmet. - Denis Leary
Life is little more than a loan shark: It exacts a very high rate of interest for the few pleasures it concedes. - Luigi Pirandello
Life sucks, then you die. Then it sucks again. - Tonya Hurley
Life is amazing. Even when it sucks, it is amazing, and we should be grateful for every moment. - Hal Elrod
Whenever life sucks, remember you're going to die someday. - Oscar Wilde
When you're in the basement, life sucks! - Anthony T. Hincks
Truth be told, life sucks and there just isn’t any other way to actually describe the feeling.
Life is like an onion: you peel off layer after layer and then you find there is nothing in it. - James Huneker
Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. - Woody Allen
Life is an incurable disease. - Abraham Cowley
Let's play a game of whose life sucks worse ... I'll win, I always win. - Ellen Pompeo
When life sucks, read. They can't yell at you for that. And if they do, then you can ignore them. - Laurie Halse Anderson
Life sucks order from a sea of disorder. - James Gleick
The world’s bumper sticker reads: Life sucks, and then you die. - Ted Dekker
My life sucks when im only half-aware of it. If i quit drinking and saw what its really like, id probably jump off a bridge. - Becca Fitzpatrick
Life sucks. Get over it. - Sarah Dessen
Life sucks, but in a beautiful kind of way. - Axl Rose
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