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Being Hillbilly is relaxing. You don't have to be sophisticated and elegant all the time. Be Hillbilly sometimes it's fun. This is a collection of 12 "Hillbilly" quotes and sayings.

Never. Never ask for what ought to be offered. - Daniel Woodrell
Most people don't listen to classical music at all, but to rock-and-roll or hillbilly songs or some album named Music To Listen To Music By. - Randall Jarrell
Doing a thing call the Hillbilly Rock, some say it came from Elvis down in Tennessee. - Marty Stuart
To sing like a hillbilly, you had to have lived like a hillbilly. You had to have smelt a lot of mule manure. - Hank Williams
Hopefully I'll be the first Mexican-American going into hillbilly Heaven. - Freddy Fender
Remember this, folks - I am a Hillbilly, and I don't always Bet the same way I talk. Good advice is one thing, but smart gambling is quite another. - Hunter S. Thompson
It's the hillbilly rock, beat it with a drum. - Marty Stuart
You got to have smelt a lot of mule manure before you can sing like a hillbilly. - Hank Williams
It's been years since any hillbilly has reported getting sodomized by an alien. Did they break up and not tell us? - Dana Gould
Tennessee's a hillbilly dumping ground, and Georgia's a lousy state too. - Flannery O'Connor
Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whisky and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested. - Hunter S. Thompson
We all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside. - Blake Shelton
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