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20 Restoration Quotes

Restoration is making re-making something from its ruins. Restoration also refers to give a new look to something old. This is a collection of 20 quotes on restoration and restoration sayings.

True restoration takes patience, subtlety, skill, and grace. - Paul David Tripp
The worst of revolutions is a restoration. - Charles James Fox
The pattern of the prodigal is: rebellion, ruin, repentance, reconciliation, restoration. - Edwin Louis Cole
Where do we even start on the daily walk of restoration and awakening? We start where we are. - Anne Lamott
The work of restoration cannot begin until a problem is fully faced. - Dan B. Allender
You resemble what you revere, either for ruin or restoration. - Gregory Beale
No one is really working for peace unless he is working primarily for the restoration of wisdom. - E. F. Schumacher
But resurrection is not just consolation — it is restoration. - Timothy Keller
Better the discomfort that leads to repentance and restoration than temporal comfort and eternal damnation. - Francine Rivers
Miracles are creative. Healing is the restoration of what has been. - John G. Lake
Restoration is a skilled profession. You might even call it an art in its own right, except that it is frowned on to be original. First rule of restoration: follow the intention of the artist. Never try to improve on him. - J. M. Coetzee
The work of community, love, reconciliation, restoration is the work we cannot leave up to politicians. This is the work we are all called to do. - Shane Claiborne
Every emancipation is a restoration of the human world and of human relationships to a man himself. - Karl Marx
Praise works best at the start, before the miracle, before the breakthrough, before the restoration. - Brian Houston
Justice is only achieved in beautiful fullness when the oppressed has been elevated back to their rightful place, and when those who were guilty of the oppressing have experienced repentance, healing, and restoration as well. - Benjamin L. Corey
Medicine is the restoration of discordant elements; sickness is the discord of the elements infused into the living body. - Leonardo da Vinci
The solution to this problem [welfare-statism] must take a positive form: the restoration of a faith in what free men can accomplish. - Leonard Read
There can be no purpose more inspiring than to begin the age of restoration, reweaving the wondrous diversity of life that still surrounds us. - E. O. Wilson
Something is profoundly wrong and we are desperate for justice, for restoration and for somebody somewhere to do something about this. - Rob Bell
Ruins provide the incentive for restoration, and for a return to origins. There has to be an interim of death or rejection before there can be renewal and reform. - J. B. Jackson
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