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Our motives drive us throughout our life. Motives are the real reason for doing or trying to do something. This is a collection of 33 quotes on motive and motive sayings.

It's motive alone which gives character to the actions of men. - Jean de la Bruyère
What makes life dreary is the want of a motive. - George Eliot
Our motives and thoughts ultimately influence our actions. - Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Motive is never easy. Sometimes it occurs to one only later. - John Hawkes
Curiosity is the best motive for writing: curiosity about the world at large, or about oneself. - Michael Korda
Every man without passions has within him no principle of action, nor motive to act. - Claude Adrien Helvetius
Never complain and never explain. - Benjamin Disraeli
A man's motive in the small actions of daily life, like resting a moment on his pitchfork in the sun and listening intently, may be the most important thing about that man. - Haniel Long
Men sometimes have strange motives for the things they do. - Matthew Hopkins
Every creativity has a motive. - Varun Dhawan
Pure motives do not insure perfect results. - Christian Nestell Bovee
The key to motivation is motive. It's the why. It's the deeper yes! burning inside that makes it easier to say no to the less important. - Stephen Covey
People have motives and thoughts of which they are unaware. - Albert Ellis
Life always take on the character of its motive. - J. G. Holland
The distance is nothing when one has a motive. - Jane Austen
Pure motives can never justify impure or violent action. - Mahatma Gandhi
It is motive alone that gives real value to the actions of men, and disinterestedness puts the cap to it. - Jean De La Bruyère
No motive is pure. No one is good or bad-but a hearty mix of both. And sometimes life actually gives to you by taking away. - Carrie Fisher
No one can expect a majority to be stirred by motives other than ignoble. - Norman Douglas
Love provides the motive for obeying the commands of the law, but the law provides specific direction for exercising love. - Jerry Bridges
Never fear to bring the sublimest motive to the smallest duty, and the most infinite comfort to the smallest trouble. - Phillips Brooks
No one does anything from a single motive. - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The motive of fear is the be-all and end-all of religion. - H. L. Mencken
A wrong motive involves defeat. - Mary Baker Eddy
We rarely do anything with on single motive. - Paul David Tripp
Never judge a man's actions until you know his motives. - Vikas Swarup
Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind. - Eric Hoffer
Never ascribe to an opponent motives meaner than your own. - James M. Barrie
The beginning of self-knowledge: recognizing that your motives are the same as other people's. - Mason Cooley
The noblest motive is the public good. - Virgil
Never assume people's motives. It's the easiest way to find yourself upset over nothing or misjudging people. - LeCrae
The most terrible of motives and the most unanswerable of responses: Because. - Victor Hugo
The motive power is the cause of all life. - Leonardo da Vinci
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