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Violet is the color at the end of the visible spectrum of light between blue and the invisible ultraviolet. Violet is a beautiful color and loved by many. This is a collection of top 11 quotes and sayings on violet .

Violet will be a good color for hair at just about the same time that brunette becomes a good color for flowers. - Fran Lebowitz
Light can be gentle, dangerous, dreamlike, bare, living, dead, misty, clear, hot, dark, violet, springlike, falling, straight, sensual, limited, poisonous, calm and soft. - Sven Nykvist
The violets prattle and titter, and gaze on the stars high above. - Heine
Violets smell like burnt sugar cubes that have been dipped in lemon and velvet. - Diane Ackerman
The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks. - Tennessee Williams
A violet by a mossy stone half hidden from the eye; Fair as a star, when only one Is shining in the sky. - William Wordsworth
The tender violet bent in smiles to elves that sported nigh, tossing the drops of fragrant dew to scent the evening sky. - Elizabeth Oakes Smith
Roses are red, violets are blue, they got ten, we only got two. - Gerry Cheevers
The violets of five seasons reappear and fade, unseen by any human eye. - William Wordsworth
China tea, the scent of hyacinths, wood fires and bowls of violets – that is my mental picture of an agreeable February afternoon. - Constance Spry
When April steps aside for May,
Like diamonds all the rain-drops glisten;
Fresh violets open every day:
To some new bird each hour we listen. Lucy Larcom
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