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Frank Sinatra, one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century. Being one of the best-selling music artists of all time, Frank Sinatra was a child of Italian immigrants. Without any disciplined training, Frank Sinatra had a very impressive understanding of reading music. American music critic Robert Christgau called him "the greatest singer of the 20th century", and he continues to be seen as an Iconic figure. This is a quote tribute to the Legendary Music Icon Frank Sinatra , with 31 of his most influential quotes on life, music and self improvement.

Orange is the happiest color. - Frank Sinatra
I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps. - Frank Sinatra
A simple I love you means more than money. - Frank Sinatra
You may be a puzzle, but I like the way the parts fit. - Frank Sinatra
The best revenge is massive success. - Frank Sinatra
Fear is the enemy of logic. There is no more debilitating, crushing, self-defeating, sickening thing in the world--to an individual or to a nation. - Frank Sinatra
You treat a lady like a dame, and a dame like a lady. - Frank Sinatra
For what is a man, what has he got. If not himself, then he has naught. - Frank Sinatra
Stay alive, stay active, and get as much practice as you can. - Frank Sinatra
That's life (that's life), that's what all the people say, You're ridin' high in April, shot down in May, But I know I'm gonna change that tune, When I'm back on top, back on top in June. - Frank Sinatra
May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine. - Frank Sinatra
The cigarettes you light one after another won’t help you forget her. - Frank Sinatra
A friend is never an imposition. - Frank Sinatra
To do is to be. -Descartes To be is to do. - Voltaire Do be do be do. - Frank Sinatra
Don't get even, get mad. - Frank Sinatra
Nothing anybody's said or written about me ever bothers me, except when it does. - Frank Sinatra
Dare to wear the foolish clown face. - Frank Sinatra
Hell hath no fury like a hustler with a literary agent. - Frank Sinatra
Never yawn in front of a lady. - Frank Sinatra
I think my greatest ambition in life is to pass on to others what I know. - Frank Sinatra
I am a thing of beauty. - Frank Sinatra
Here's to the confusion of our enemies! - Frank Sinatra
For nobody else, gave me thrill-with all your faults, I love you still. It had to be you, wonderful you, it had to be you. - Frank Sinatra
I'm for whatever gets you through the night. - Frank Sinatra
If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere; it's up to you, New York, New York. - Frank Sinatra
When lip service to some mysterious deity permits bestiality on Wednesday and absolution on Sunday, cash me out. - Frank Sinatra
Our civilization, such as it is, was shaped by religion, and the men who aspire to public office anyplace in the free world must make obeisance to God or risk immediate opprobrium. - Frank Sinatra
People who make a living off other people's fortunes or misfortunes are parasites. - Frank Sinatra
Look down - look down that lonesome road. Before you travel on. - Frank Sinatra
That's life,and I can't deny it/Many times I thought of cutting' out but my heart won't buy it. - Frank Sinatra
Trouble just seems to come my way-unbidden, unwelcome, unneeded. - Frank Sinatra
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