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Showing off is a basic human nature. We tent to show other what we have. But showing off much isn't appreciated in good manner.

A person shows off only when they need to. Only when they think that others don't consider them important will they try to prove that they're important.

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Showing off is the fool's idea of glory. - Bruce Lee
Rookies tend to show off. - Toba Beta
There's no point showing off when there's no-one to impress. - Athan Fletcher
Rainbows just love to show off in the rain. - Anthony T. Hincks
Those who show off do not shine. - Laozi
It's human nature when you first make your big fortune to want to show off a bit. I don't begrudge that whatsoever. - Kevin Kwan
The man that shows off, to that one who wants to convince of his value is to himself. - Domenico Cieri
It's not showing off if you back it up. - Dolph Ziggler
Knowledge and ability were tools, not things to show off. - Haruki Murakami
What fun is life without a bit of showing off? - Matt Lucas
Show off your own style and uniqueness to stand out. That's the advice I'd give to people getting started online now. - Conor Maynard
One cannot review a bad book without showing off. - W. H. Auden
You don't write a book to show off. - Tony Orlando
Wealthy people have not disappeared, they are just not so willing to show off their wealth. - Martin Parr
Why not show off if you've got something to show? - January Jones
The trick to acting is not to show off, it's to think the thoughts of the character. - Eddie Marsan
Nothing in the world is quite as adorably lovely as a robin when he shows off and they are nearly always doing it. - Frances Hodgson Burnett
Unless you show off you're not going to get noticed. - Elton John
It's not showing off if you back it up. - Dolph Ziggler Al-Shafi‘i
There was a time when cowboys respected their horses instead of riding them to death just to show off for a crowd. - Tommy Lee
I'm a show-off basically... always have been. - Dolly Parton
Showing off is what you do when your are simply better than everybody else. - Dolph Ziggler
Anyone who used more than three chords is just showing off. - Woody Guthrie
The better you feel about yourself, the less you feel the need to show off. - Robert Hand
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