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Overreacting is a big mistake. Don't ever over react in any situation. It expresses nervousness and weakness. Overreacting is a habit of losers. This is a collection of top 10 quotes and sayings on Overreacting.

We need to break the habit of overreacting because of our speedy assumption and judgments. - Richard Carlson
People are just really overreacting. It's just feel good music. - Jermaine Dupri
Progressives are overreacting .Underreacting, though, to the - what the real threats are, and the real opportunities. - Van Jones
Nervous people tend to overreact. - Toba Beta
A threatened nation can react to uncertain dangers solely through administrative channels, to the truly embarrassing situation of perhaps overreacting. - Jurgen Habermas
It's never overreacting to ask for what you want and need. - Amy Poehler
Strong feelings are fine; it's the overreactions that mess us up. - Albert Ellis
Behaviorists tell us that we tend to overweight and overreact to the most recently received information. If we do, we will find that the information that we thought was so important becomes tempered, and reduced in significance, by new and related information that follows. - Robert Haugen
Life is always full of drama and challenges, but you don't have to overreact to any of it if you choose not to. - Sonia Choquette
Stop Overreacting to stop over reaction.
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