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Being weird is awesome. Being weird makes a different statement. Being weird is being awesome. This is a collection of 16 quotes and sayings on Being Weird.

Being weird is just a side effect of being awesome.
Being weird adds spice to life. Having weird friends just deepens the flavor. - Jayelle Cochran
Being weird is not a bad thing, it shows how special you are in your own way. - D. Fetahu
Things that make you weird as a kid will make you great tomorrow. - James Victore
It's weird not to be weird. - John Lennon
It’s hard being weird. No—it’s hard living in a culture that makes it hard. - Felicia Day
Being called weird is like being called Limited Edition, meaning you're something people don't see that often. - Andy Biersack
Be weird because “normal” is boring! - Demi Lovato
Stay Weird, Stay Different. - Graham Moore
Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that your are. - Mandy Hale
If you are being weird or silly you can be excused because you are just playing a character. - Taryn Manning
Nowadays, everybody wanna be weird. We know how to manifest being weird. - ASAP Rocky
Nobody is so weird others can't identify with them. - Rebecca Miller
Some are born weird, some achieve it, others have weirdness thrust upon them. - Dick Francis
Where's your will to be weird? - Jim Morrison
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