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Billie Eilish is an American singer-songwriter. She earned a following in 2016 when she released her single "Ocean Eyes" on the audio distribution platform SoundCloud. She is the first and, to date, and only artist born in the 2000s to record a number-one single in the United States. Eilish has eight gold and four platinum singles in the United States. She regularly advocates for veganism on social media. On February 13, 2020, No Time to Die is released. It is the theme song for the next Bond movie. She is considered to be the New Gen music Icon. This is a Quoteish quote tribute to Billie Eilish with 21 of her facilitating quotes.

Clothing & fashion are kind of my security blanket, almost. - Billie Eilish
Nothing really scares me, to be honest. - Billie Eilish
Lyrics are so important, but they're really underrated. - Billie Eilish
It's really fun to be on stage in front of people. - Billie Eilish
People are terrified of me, and I want them to be. - Billie Eilish
You can write a song about being in love with someone, but you don't have to be in love with anyone. - Billie Eilish
I hate the idea of genres. - Billie Eilish
Writing music is just like writing a book. - Billie Eilish
In real life, I'm a really smiley person. I smile when I talk and I laugh. - Billie Eilish
Words are more powerful than some noises. Noises won't last long. Lyrics are so important, and people don't realise that. - Billie Eilish
When I was four, I wrote a song about falling into a black hole. - Billie Eilish
I always want to create and do things, or draw. - Billie Eilish
Some artists just ruin their voices because they don't know any better. - Billie Eilish
If I'm inspired to make a certain kind of song, I'm going to make that kind of song, no matter if it's what they know me as or think I am. - Billie Eilish
Pretty much my whole life, I've been a performer and have loved singing and writing songs in my room for my own ears. - Billie Eilish
I grew up on the Beatles; I love Linkin Park and Green Day. I heard hip-hop for the first time at 11 and realized what I was missing. - Billie Eilish
Aside from singing, I'm also a dancer. I've been dancing since I was 8. - Billie Eilish
I'm trying to show everybody that I'm a girl, and I'm five foot four, and you can do anything you want, no matter your gender. It's your world, too! - Billie Eilish
I've always liked being busy. If I have nothing to do for a week, it just makes me mad. - Billie Eilish
If I'm in a bad mood, or if I'm uncomfortable, it's probably what I'm wearing that's making me feel that way. - Billie Eilish
In real life, I'm a really smiley person. I smile when I talk and I laugh. - Billie Eilish
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