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Accuracy is the shortcut to success. Accuracy brings the greatest result with less work. But acquiring accuracy isn't easy. Hard work is a must to achieve accuracy. Accuracy in most works can beat perfection. Accuracy is not about doing more things, accuracy is about doing things more precisely. This is a collection of 32 quotes and sayings on accuracy.

Accuracy of observation is the equivalent of accuracy of thinking. - Wallace Stevens
Accuracy of statement is one of the first elements of truth; inaccuracy is a near kin to falsehood. - Tryon Edwards
Accuracy is the twin brother of honesty; inaccuracy, of dishonesty. - Nathaniel Hawthorne
Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. - Wyatt Earp
Accuracy is essential to beauty. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Consistency and accuracy instills believability. - Bernard Kelvin Clive
Accuracy of language is one of the bulwarks of truth. - Anna Jameson
Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous when the margin of error is small. - Donald Rumsfeld
Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. - Wyatt Earp
Precision, accuracy and pondering in wisdom and sciences, will nourish and develop a person's brain. - Jafar ibn Muhammad
Quality is determined by accuracy and completeness. - Larry Sanger
There is no substitute for accurate knowledge. Know yourself, know your business, know your men. - Lee Iacocca
Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. - Wyatt Earp
Accuracy is to a newspaper what virtue is to a lady, but a newspaper can always print a retraction. - Charles Revson
Accuracy is, in every case, advantageous to beauty, and just reasoning to delicate sentiment. In vain would we exalt the one by depreciating the other. - David Hume
Watch every detail that affects the accuracy of your work. - Arthur C. Nielsen
Everybody knows there is no fineness or accuracy of suppression; if you hold down one thing, you hold down the adjoining. - Saul Bellow
Employ every economy consistent with thoroughness, accuracy and reliability. - Arthur C. Nielsen
People know accuracy when they read it; they can feel it. - Alan Furst
Well the way we perceive accuracy and what accuracy is statistically are really two different things. - Nate Silver
Everyone is free to express their opinions, but I think that journalists should do it with more responsibility. They lack accuracy. - Radamel Falcao
One should avoid carrying out an experiment requiring more than 10 per cent accuracy. - Walther Nernst
Accuracy builds credibility. - Jim Rohn
Done right, precision can help clarify, plus it's fun. - Betsy Hodges
Accuracy and clarity of statement are mutually exclusive. - Niels Bohr
In all pointed sentences, some degree of accuracy must be sacrificed to conciseness. - Samuel Johnson
History is the study of lies, anyway, because no witness ever recalls events with total accuracy, not even eyewitnesses. - Nancy Pickard
Fundamental accuracy of statement is the ONE sole morality of writing. - Ezra Pound
Beauty is not required. Beauty is accuracy's distraction. - Elizabeth Gilbert
The greatness of art is not in the display of knowledge, or in material accuracy, but in the distinctness with which it conveys the impressions of a personal vital force, that acts spontaneously, without fear or hesitation. - George Inness
The public mind [is] a cloudy region where only the simplest shapes are discerned with any accuracy. - Hugh Kingsmill
For me, the shaping of the story is more important than accuracy. - Pam Houston
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