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25+ Best Eye Contact Quotes

Eye contact is the most intimate way of sharing emotions. Eye contact is a type of body language that is extremely important during communication and conversation. Only in eye contact, people can talk silently. One of the most powerful means of communicating confidence and conviction is sustained focused eye contact. Making greater eye contact with others can increase the quality of all of your face-to-face interactions and boost your confidence.

Making eye contact signals to another person that you are paying attention. A great eye contact talks more than thousands meet. This is a collection of 25+ quotes and sayings on Eye Contact.

Eye contact made people think you were being truthful even if you weren't. - Gabrielle Zevin
The majority of teenagers don't even make eye contact with people, even people of the same age. - Saoirse Ronan
Make eye contact with cute strangers. Give guys your email. Email is safer than a number, or at least it feels that way. Nikki Glaser
I can't make eye contact when people sing 'Happy Birthday' to me. - Dove Cameron
Eye contact beats any conversation. - Christina Strigas
Flirting all starts with eye contact! You can tell a girl is into you if she's across the room and still making eye contact with you. - Chandler Parsons
Making eye contact with adults while dressed as a clown is risky. - Douglas Coupland
I have a problem with making eye contact with people, or with holding eye contact. - Jamie Hewlett
It's essential that you make eye contact with your audience. You've got to know what's happening out there. - Rolf Harris
Van Gogh couldn't have painted the stars in your eyes. - Nina Mouawad
Eye contact is way more intimate than words will ever be. - Faraaz Kazi
How to avoid eye contact? Smile & the whole world smiles, with you! - Petra Hermans
An eye contact is way more intimidating than words. - Nitya Prakash
Eye contact: how souls catch fire. - Yahia Lababidi
I'm hopeless at small talk and have a problem making eye contact. - Gary Numan
But then you make eye contact with someone across the room and it clicks and you’re right there in love again. - Taylor Swift
Don't avoid eye contact and don't be late. - Jack Dorsey
Look into a mirror, make eye contact with yourself, and say "I love me" as many times as possible during the day. - Wayne Dyer
To avoid eye contact, kiss. - Mason Cooley
If you must eat a banana in public, never make eye contact. - Darynda Jones
It doesn't cost anything to say hi when you pass someone else in the hallway, whereas, most corporations if you pass you avoid eye contact. - Tony Hsieh
That's one of the wonderful things about the whole process of photography - eye contact can be very revealing. Derek Ridgers
Wrestling is only gay when you make eye contact. - Felipe Esparza
People simply don't make eye contact anymore. - Eric Kripke
Kids are shy and they often don't want to make eye contact or say "thank you." - Viggo Mortensen
If your sleight of hand causes you to break eye contact with your audience, it is too advanced for your skill level. - Jeff McBride
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