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25+ Eye Contact Quotes

Eye contact is the most intimate way of sharing emotions. Only in eye contacts people can talk silently. A great eye contact talks more than thousands meets. This is a collection of 25+ quotes and sayings on Eye Contact.

Eye contact made people think you were being truthful even if you weren't. - Gabrielle Zevin
The majority of teenagers don't even make eye contact with people, even people of the same age. - Saoirse Ronan
Make eye contact with cute strangers. Give guys your email. Email is safer than a number, or at least it feels that way. Nikki Glaser
I can't make eye contact when people sing 'Happy Birthday' to me. - Dove Cameron
Eye contact beats any conversation. - Christina Strigas
Flirting all starts with eye contact! You can tell a girl is into you if she's across the room and still making eye contact with you. - Chandler Parsons
Making eye contact with adults while dressed as a clown is risky. - Douglas Coupland
I have a problem with making eye contact with people, or with holding eye contact. - Jamie Hewlett
It's essential that you make eye contact with your audience. You've got to know what's happening out there. - Rolf Harris
Eye contact: how souls catch fire. - Yahia Lababidi
Van Gogh couldn't have painted the stars in your eyes. - Nina Mouawad
Eye contact is way more intimate than words will ever be. - Faraaz Kazi
How to avoid eye contact? Smile & the whole world smiles, with you! - Petra Hermans
An eye contact is way more intimidating than words. - Nitya Prakash
I'm hopeless at small talk and have a problem making eye contact. - Gary Numan
But then you make eye contact with someone across the room and it clicks and you’re right there in love again. - Taylor Swift
Don't avoid eye contact and don't be late. - Jack Dorsey
Look into a mirror, make eye contact with yourself, and say "I love me" as many times as possible during the day. - Wayne Dyer
To avoid eye contact, kiss. - Mason Cooley
If you must eat a banana in public, never make eye contact. - Darynda Jones
It doesn't cost anything to say hi when you pass someone else in the hallway, whereas, most corporations if you pass you avoid eye contact. - Tony Hsieh
That's one of the wonderful things about the whole process of photography - eye contact can be very revealing. Derek Ridgers
Wrestling is only gay when you make eye contact. - Felipe Esparza
People simply don't make eye contact anymore. - Eric Kripke
Kids are shy and they often don't want to make eye contact or say "thank you." - Viggo Mortensen
If your sleight of hand causes you to break eye contact with your audience, it is too advanced for your skill level. - Jeff McBride
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