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Neighbors are the closest persons we live with. Neighbors are not perfect as us. Some Neighbors are great , some of them are not so much fun to live with. This is a collection of 30+ Neighbor quotes and Sayings.

Love thy neighbor, but don't pull down your hedge. - Benjamin Franklin
One's neighbor is always the enemy. That is the nature of things. - Gore Vidal
Good neighbors are worth more than an extra sixteen trees. - David Mas Masumoto
It is impossible to love God without loving our neighbor. - Mother Teresa
To do exactly as your neighbors do is the only sensible rule. - Emily Post
We should learn to live and love our neighbors as ourselves for the sake of peace and progress. - David McCallum
A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbor's. - Richard Whately
Every man is surrounded by a neighborhood of voluntary spies. - Jane Austen
Few of us could bear to have ourselves for neighbors. - Mignon McLaughlin
If you injure your neighbour, better not do it by halves. - George Bernard Shaw
If you want to annoy your neighbors, tell the truth about them. - Pietro Aretino
Don't throw stones at your neighbors if your own windows are glass. - Benjamin Franklin
A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing. - Hesiod
How you can have dreams when your neighbors have nightmares. - M.F. Moonzajer
To hear that your neighbor was worse off than yourself was not an altogether unpleasant experience. - Lizette Woodworth Reese
If your neighbors think you're a detective because a cop always brings you home, you might be a redneck. - Jeff Foxworthy
Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man. - Benjamin Franklin
Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors. - Confucius
Love your neighbor as yourself; but don't take down the fence. - Carl Sandburg
When one neighbor helps another, we strengthen our communities. - Jennifer Pahlka
A bad neighbor is as great a calamity as a good one is a great advantage. - Hesiod
The envious man grows lean at the success of his neighbor. - Horace
Bread for myself is a material question. Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual one. - Nikolai Berdyaev
The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor. - Hubert H. Humphrey
No nation should stoke instability in its neighbor's country. - Joe Biden
Unfortunately, you cannot let your neck be kind of cut as a gesture for your neighbor, even if it's a good neighbor. - Ehud Barak
How seldom we weigh our neighbor in the same balance with ourselves. - Thomas a Kempis
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, for there are plenty of others. - Otto Rank
Growing up, my next door neighbor was my best friend and an only child too. - Miranda Cosgrove
How can you satisfy your hunger while your neighbor is spending the night hungry? - Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi
We cannot afford to fight our neighbor, even if we disagree on many things. - Haider al-Abadi
A real diplomat is one who can cut his neighbor's throat without having his neighbor notice it. - Trygve Lie
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