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55+ Habit Quotes And Sayings

Habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. Habit makes us. We are the total of our habits. This is a collection of 56 Habit quotes and sayings.

Habit is stronger than reason. - George Santayana
Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity. - Saint Augustine
Make it your habit not to be critical about small things. - Edward Everett Hale
Character is simply habit long continued. - Plutarch
Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. - Vince Lombardi
A nail is driven out by another nail. Habit is overcome by habit. - Desiderius Erasmus
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Will Durant
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire. - Aristotle
People are incredible creatures of habit. - Sam Altman
Habit is the nursery of errors. - Victor Hugo
Quality is not an act, it is a habit. - Aristotle
Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. - Warren Buffett
Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity. - Jonathan Safran Foer
The best way to break a bad habit is to drop it. - Leo Aikman
A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right. - Thomas Paine
Liberty is not merely a privilege to be conferred; it is a habit to be acquired. - David Lloyd George
It is an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way. - Rollo May
Powerful indeed is the empire of habit. - Publilius Syrus
Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit. - W. Somerset Maugham
Habit converts luxurious enjoyments into dull and daily necessities. - Aldous Huxley
The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from the domination of outward conditions. - Robert Louis Stevenson
Virtue is a habit of the mind, consistent with nature and moderation and reason. - Marcus Tullius Cicero
Character is long-standing habit. - Plutarch
Once you break a habit into its components, you can fiddle with the gears. - Charles Duhigg
Choose the life that is most useful, and habit will make it the most agreeable. - Francis Bacon
Never been in the habit to look back. - Brock Lesnar
You need to play with supreme confidence, or else you'll lose again, and then losing becomes a habit. - Joe Paterno
Habit is a great deadener. - Samuel Beckett
There is no influence like the influence of habit. - Gilbert Parker
There is freedom in forgiveness, and it's not that hard to do once you get into the habit. - Dana Perino
Nothing is more powerful than custom or habit. - Ovid
Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit. - Henry Adams
To fall into a habit is to begin to cease to be. - Miguel de Unamuno
If success is a habit, it is a hard one to acquire. - Mason Cooley
Habit is ten times nature. - Duke of Wellington
Make a habit of canceling every subscription to anything you don't have time to read. - Marilyn vos Savant
Every once in a while someone without a single bad habit gets caught. - Kin Hubbard
One has to grow up with good talk in order to form the habit of it. - Helen Hayes
Habit with it's iron sinews, clasps us and leads us day by day. - Alphonse de Lamartine
Life never becomes a habit to me. It's always a marvel. - Katherine Mansfield
For me, habit is just a synonym for death. - Juliette Binoche
Never permit failure to become a habit. - William Frederick Book
Our brains have this habit of quilting dreams from the fabrics of our lives. As a filmmaker, I get to do it for a living. - Peter Landesman
The truth is that everyone is bored, and devotes himself to cultivating habits. - Albert Camus
Self-reflection is a much kinder teacher than regret is. Prioritize yourself by making a habit of it. - Andrena Sawyer
Habits, places and faces grew into you over time, like tree roots burrowing into stone work. - Frances Hardinge
Habits are hard to let go, especially if they are human beings. - Drishti Bablani
Self-protection by bravado is a hard habit to break. - Joan Ball
H is for Habit, winners make a habit of doing the things losers don't want to do. - Lucas Remmerswaal
Some rules are nothing but old habits that people are afraid to change. - Therese Fowler, Souvenir
Just do it! First you make your habits, then your habits make you! - Lucas Remmerswaal
The fixity of a habit is generally in direct proportion to its absurdity. - Marcel Proust
If breaking a habit has been hard for you to do, hard for you even to face, then a helping hand is in order. - Kenneth Schwarz
The quality of your habits will determine the quality of your future. - Clyde Lee Dennis
Reaction is a habit that comes out naturally. - Myra Yadav
There is no harm in having big dreams. Rather have this as a habit. It's worth! - Kankane Rakhi Surendra
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