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Augusta Savage was an American sculptor associated with the Harlem Renaissance. She was also a teacher whose studio was important to the careers of a generation of artists who would become nationally known. She worked for equal rights for African Americans in the arts.

Augusta Savage battled racism to secure a place for African American women in the art world. She was turned down for a summer art program sponsored by the French government because she was Black. This racist event played a significant role in her life. Savage was deeply upset and questioned the committee, beginning the first of many public fights for equal rights in her life by writing a letter to the New York World.

She launched the Savage Studio of Arts and Crafts, located in a basement on West 143rd Street in Harlem with the help of a grant from the Carnegie Foundation. The art center in Harlem played a crucial role in the development of many young black artists. Savage also fought successfully for the inclusion of black artists in WPA projects.

This is a collection of Augusta Savage quotes on equality, beauty, and art.

For how am I to compete with other American artists if I am not to be given the same opportunity? Augusta Savage
I have created nothing really beautiful, really lasting, but if I can inspire one of these youngsters to develop the talent I know they possess, then my monument will be in their work. Augusta Savage
From the time I can first recall the rain falling on the red clay in Florida. I wanted to make things. When my brothers and sisters were making mud pies, I would be making ducks and chickens with the mud. Augusta Savage
I was a Leap Year baby, and it seems to me that I have been leaping ever since. Augusta Savage
I hear so many complaints to the effect that Negroes do not take advantage of the educational opportunities offered them. Augusta Savage
My father licked me four or five times a week, He nearly whipped all the art out of me. Augusta Savage

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