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80+ Best Humble Quotes: Humility Is The Greatest Virtue

Humility is an extremely attractive quality. When you demonstrate humility, others feel valued and enjoy their time with you. Humble people are not only more polite and considerate, but they also have stronger self-control as they know what they are doing at all times. A humble person focuses on achieving personal goals and organizational targets. Humility makes people better learners and thinkers.

The soft overcomes the hard. The slow overcomes the fast. Lao Tzu
Master your craft, be nice and stay humble. Erick Morillo
Humility is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying. St. Vincent de Paul
Being humble matters. Kevin Hart
Being humble and sweet is the hardest thing you can do. Jemima Kirke
To the proud, the applause of the world rings in their ears; to the humble, the applause of heaven warms their hearts. Ezra Taft Benson
Be modest, humble, simple. Control your anger. Abraham Cahan
Work at being a humble person. John Templeton
Humility is really important because it keeps you fresh and new. Steven Tyler
Nothing can make you more humble than pain. Larry Flynt
It is better to stay humble than to be humbled. Olawale Daniel
Humility is royalty without a crown. Spencer W. Kimball
Wisdom is humble that he knows no more. William Cowper
Corrections are good, they keep us all humble. Cathie Wood
Sense shines with a double luster when it is set in humility. An able yet humble man is a jewel worth a kingdom. William Penn
Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble. Shah Rukh Khan
Be humble, don't have too much pride and think you're too good for anything. Angela Yee
Stay humble, be fearless, and work, work, work, work, work, work. Daya
The best route is to stay humble and stay true to yourself. Rich the Kid
No amount of praise should go to your head. You should always remain humble. Mohanlal
Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less. C. S. Lewis
One may be humble out of pride. Michel de Montaigne
Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real. Thomas Merton
It's important to work hard, stay humble, and not let the criticism or the compliments go to your head. Jessica Sanchez
It is very difficult for the prosperous to be humble. Jane Austen
Authentic leaders are humble enough to accept their own mistakes. Gift Gugu Mona
The proud man counts his newspaper clippings, the humble man his blessings. Fulton J. Sheen
Real genius is nothing else but the supernatural virtue of humility in the domain of thought. Simone Weil
You have to accept your fate; do it without bitterness and stay humble. Anthony Scaramucci
Plenty of people wish to become devout, but no one wishes to be humble. Joseph Addison
Stay excited and stay humble and good things will come. Mark McMorris
Humility, that low, sweet root, from which all heavenly virtues shoot. Thomas Moore
You have to know when to be arrogant. You have to when to be humble. You have to know when to be hard and you have to know when to be soft. Talib Kweli
My strength is my humility. When you are humble, people like you. Mohammad Azharuddin
One thing about wrestling, it keeps you humble. Edge
Do you wish people to think well of you? Don't speak well of yourself. Blaise Pascal
A humble man will always receive the best that others have to offer; for he recognizes the truth. Jeremy Aldana
Always enter like a kitten and leave like a lion. But never enter like a lion and leave like a kitten. Always be humble. Carlson Gracie
Stay humble to the craft and never forget how much it actually takes to be the main character of a documentary. Nicole Nielsen Horanyi
The best of people is the one who humbles himself the more his rank increases. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
A great man is always willing to be little. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and be humble. John Madden
If you're not humble, life will visit humbleness upon you. Mike Tyson
Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world. Miyamoto Musashi
True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.
To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals courtesy, to inferior's nobleness. Benjamin Franklin
Knowledge is proud that it knows so much; wisdom is humble that it knows no more. William Cowper
Humility and openness are the key to success without compromising your beliefs. George Hickenlooper
Don't let proud get to your head, always humble yourself. Henry Johnson Jr.
Humility is the surest sign of strength. Thomas Merton
Be humble. Be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room. Dwayne Johnson
Let your work speak for you. Stay humble. And just do the work. Ledisi
Stay true in the dark & humble in the spotlight. Harold B. Lee
To a person who has true humility, words are vows. Filipino proverb
Don't discount the importance of being humble. There's a value there far greater than pride can ever provide. Kristen Butler
It's important to stay humble, stay level-headed and keep working hard. Harry Winks
True humility involves opposites. The truly humble work in silence. Lao-Tzu
Stay cool, stay humble, stay beautiful, and just do the work. Merry Clayton
Keep your head up in failure, and your head down in success. Jerry Seinfeld
It takes a big person to do something small. Joel Osteen
Humility will open more doors than arrogance ever will. Zig Ziglar
Where there is humility, there is more success, and lasting success. Patrick Lencioni
In humility is the greatest freedom. As long as you have to defend the imaginary self that you think is important, you lose your peace of heart. Thomas Merton
Ego kills knowledge, as knowledge requires learning, and learning requires humility. Rolsey
Have the humility to learn from those around you. John C. Maxwell
Rome has grown since its humble beginnings that it is now overwhelmed by its own greatness. Livy
It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. Augustine of Hippo
Audacity gets you to shoot for big goals and humility gives you the open-mindedness to take in the best thinking available to you to get you to those goals. Ray Dalio
Being humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others. Gordon B. Hinckley
Humility, gentleness, and helpfulness go so much further and open doors you cannot imagine. Ann Tran
Be like the bamboo the higher you grow the deeper you bow. Chinese Proverb
Pride is concerned with who is right while humility is concerned with what is right. Ezra Taft Benson
The only wisdom we can hope to acquire is the wisdom of humility. T.S. Eliot
On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom. Michel de Montaigne
Only humility knows how to appreciate and admire the good qualities of others. Sri Chinmoy
Humility is nothing else but a right judgment of ourselves. William Law
We learn humility through accepting humiliations cheerfully. Mother Teresa
It is better to be humble and happy than to be arrogant and lonely. Darlene Bennett
When we feel humiliated, the best reaction is humility. Simon Sinek
Humility is the ability to give up your pride and still retain your dignity. Vanna Bonta
It's all about humanity, humility, and integrity. Debra Wilson
Humility isn't denying your strengths; it's being honest about your weaknesses. Rick Warren
We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility. Rabindranath Tagore
Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues. Confucius

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