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33+ Ovid Quotes From Metamorphoses And Other Works

Pūblius Ovidius Nāsō commonly referred to as Ovid was a Roman poet. He lived at the same time as other well-known Roman poets Virgil and Horace. He is best known for his work Metamorphoses, an 8 AD 15-book continuous Latin mythological narrative. It is one of the earliest transformation literature and the name translates "Books of Transformations" in English.

Ovid was born in the Paelignian, near Apennine valley east of Rome. Aurelius Fuscus and Porcius Latro were his childhood teachers and taught him rhetoric. He traveled to Athens, Asia Minor, and Sicily during his youth. He was one of the decemviri litibus iudicandis personnel but left his job to be a poet.

Ovid started his writings during the first Roman emperor Augustus. The Amores was the first complete literary work of Ovid. Epistulae ex Ponto, ("Letters from the Black Sea"), Tristia ("Sorrows"), Remedia Amoris ("The Cure for Love") are some other notable works of him. Following his skyrocketing popularity, the emperor exiled him to a remote province on the Black Sea. Ovid left this world at Tomis in 17 or 18 AD.

Ovid has a great influence on western culture and literature. He is considered one of the three canonical poets of Latin literature. Many successful writers adopted his styles and translated his works into many languages. These works are popularly known as Ovidian works. These are some of the most influential and magical quotes of Ovid.

Endure and persist; this pain will turn to good by and by. Ovid
Bear patiently with a rival. Ovid
Tears at times have the weight of speech. Ovid
Everything comes gradually and at its appointed hour. Ovid
Habits change into character. Ovid
Everyone wishes that the man whom he fears would perish. Ovid
Daring is not safe against daring men. Ovid
Ah me! Love can not be cured by herbs. Ovid
Time, the devourer of all things. Ovid
It is convenient that there be gods, and, as it is convenient, let us believe there are. Ovid
Use the occasion, for it passes swiftly. Ovid
The heavier crop is ever in others' fields. Ovid
Venus favors the bold. Ovid
Courage conquers all things: it even gives strength to the body. Ovid
The vulgar crowd values friends according to their usefulness. Ovid
A man is sorry to be honest for nothing. Ovid
Everyone's a millionaire where promises are concerned. Ovid
Enhance and intensify one's vision of that synthesis of truth and beauty which is the highest and deepest reality. Ovid
Where belief is painful we are slow to believe. Ovid
Little things please little minds. Ovid
How little is the promise of the child fulfilled in the man. Ovid
Men do not value a good deed unless it brings a reward. Ovid
Most safely shall you tread the middle path. Ovid
What is it that love does to a woman? Without she only sleeps; with it alone, she lives. Ovid
Like fragile ice anger passes away in time. Ovid
If you want to be loved, be lovable. Ovid
All things can corrupt when minds are prone to evil. Ovid
A prince should be slow to punish, and quick to reward. Ovid
He who can believe himself well, will be well. Ovid
Either do not attempt at all, or go through with it. Ovid
What is now reason was formerly impulse or instinct. Ovid
The spirited horse, which will try to win the race of its own accord, will run even faster if encouraged. Ovid
Death is less bitter punishment than death's delay. Ovid
An evil life is a kind of death. Ovid

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