George Washington

40+ George Washington Quotes: Powerful And Inspiring

George Washington was the leader of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and the first president of the United States of America. A Virginia born, Washington is known as the Father of The Nation of United States of America. He is one of the greatest leaders ever the world has witnessed. George Washington was one of the key people behind the rectification of the US constitution. He is one of the most influential Americans ever. George Washington first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.

Washington started his professional life as a surveyor. He fought in the French and Indian war. Later in life, he led the United Army in the American Revolution. He was the 7 the Senior Officer of the United States Army. Many US government precedents were set by him, the title "Mr. President" is one of them. George Washington was known for his courage, knowledge, and the ability of farm leadership. As a leader and statesman George Washington left behind many ideologies and ideas about life, success, and leadership.

The thoughts and ideologies of Washington can be the soil of success for many of us. Today we have gathered the most influential quotes from George Washington together. Hope you find the way of life from these wise lines.

The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph. George Washington
Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all. George Washington
It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one. George Washington
Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. George Washington
Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages. George Washington
Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire, called conscience. George Washington
Strive not with your superiors in argument, but always submit your judgment to others with modesty. George Washington
Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness. George Washington
Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light. George Washington
If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. George Washington
True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation. George Washington
Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company. George Washington
It is impossible to reason without arriving at a supreme being. George Washington
Laws made by common consent must not be trampled on by individuals. George Washington
Religion is as necessary to reason as reason is to religion. The one cannot exist without the other. George Washington
Nothing can be more hurtful to the service, than the neglect of discipline; for that discipline, more than numbers, gives one army the superiority over another. George Washington
Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble. George Washington
The Constitution which at any time exists, ’till changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole People is sacredly obligatory upon all. George Washington
Government is not reason and it is not eloquence. It is force! Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action. George Washington
Citizens by birth or choice of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations. George Washington
A bad war is fought with a good mind. George Washington
Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected. George Washington
The best and only safe road to honor, glory, and the true dignity is justice. George Washington
Let your discourse with men of business be short and comprehensive. George Washington
There is a Destiny which has the control of our actions, not to be resisted by the strongest efforts of Human Nature. George Washington
No taxes can be devised which are not more or less inconvenient and unpleasant. George Washington
A man’s intentions should be allowed in some respects to plead for his actions. George Washington
Honesty will be found on every experiment, to be the best and only true policy; let us then as a nation be just. George Washington
99 Percent of failures come from people who make excuses. George Washington
Let your heart feel for the afflictions and the distress of everyone, and let your hand give in proportion to your purse. George Washington
Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder. George Washington
The turning points of lives are not the great moments. The real crises are often concealed in occurrences so trivial in appearance that they pass unobserved. George Washington
Real men despise battle, but will never run from it. George Washington
Where are our Men of abilities? Why do they not come forth to save their Country? George Washington
To persevere in one's duty, and be silent is the best answer to calumny. George Washington
Be not glad at the misfortune of another, though he may be your enemy. George Washington
Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough. George Washington
Individuals entering into society, must give up a share of liberty to preserve the rest. George Washington
Wherein you reprove another be unblameable yourself, for example is more prevalent than precepts. George Washington
LIBERTY, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth. George Washington
Associate yourself with Men of good Quality if you Esteem your own Reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad Company. George Washington
Harmony, liberal intercourse with all nations, are recommended by policy, humanity, and interest. George Washington
Being Set at meat Scratch not, neither Spit, Cough, or blow your Nose except there's a Necessity for it. George Washington
Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principles. George Washington
Speak not evil of the absent, for it is unjust. George Washington
Those who have committed no faults want no pardon. We are only defending what we deem our indisputable rights. George Washington
Be not hasty to believe flying reports to the disparagement of any. George Washington
We have probably had too good an opinion of human nature in forming our confederation. George Washington
Heard the bullets whistle, and, believe me, there is something charming in the sound. George Washington
A knowledge of books is the basis upon which other knowledge is to be built. George Washington

George Washington is still present within us. With his leadership, works, and courageous belief in reforming society he is still relevant. These are all we have from George Washington here.

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