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33 Pewdiepie Quotes

Pewdipie is the most subscribed Youtube content maker. He is an insanely successful YouTuber and a social media influencer. Born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, he started his youtube channel in 2010. Within two years it gained popularity and was subscribed by over 1 million subscribers in 2012. Pewdipie is actually a gamer and started with steaming gameplays of Minecraft and other games.

His commentaries on Horror games are also popular. In 2016, Douglas Holt of Harvard Business Review wrote of Kjellberg as "YouTube's greatest success", and stated that, "the star of this digital art world—just as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Patti Smith had done in urban art worlds back in the analog days".

He has over 4000 videos and uploads. Pewdipie is one of the most viewed channels on youtube. In 2013 its was the most subscribed channel. It is the first youtube channel to gain 15 million subscribers. It reached the Youtube spotlight in 2013 and hold the position for 46 days. In the year 2019, he was the most viewed creator with more than 4 billion views. Pewdipie calls his subscribers "Bros".

In 2017 he was selected as the top influencer in gaming by Forbes. "bitch lasagna" is the most viewed video of the channel with 250 million hits. He is the winner of the 2019 Teen Choice Awards, Choice Gamer. He supported many fundraisers and also donated for charities. Now in 2020 Pewdipie has over 106 million subscribers. Born in Sweden, now he works from London.

These are 33 quotes from Pewdipie.

Face your problems! Unless your problem is your face.
It’s important to love yourself.
Life is too short to focus on the things you hate, focus on what you love instead.
My parents said that sitting at home playing video games all day won’t bring you anywhere in life.

Nothing is easier if you’re an idiot.
Everyone has played video games at some point these days, and video games are fun.
Don’t be something you’re not. Unless you can be a fabulous unicorn. Always be a fabulous unicorn.
Comments are my main way to communicate with you bros.

Sometimes in life, you gotta sauce it up.
We’re all different but we’re all the same. You just be and you don’t let anyone tell you who you are. You don’t need labels to make yourself feel valuable, you’re better than that.
I and other YouTubers do is a very different thing; it’s almost like hanging around and watching your pal play games.
Every second you’re closer to oblivion. No quote in the world is gonna change that.

That’s what is cool about YouTube, anyone can do it.
When there’s just so many games out there to play, Nintendo games just went to the bottom of that list.
I just want to entertain; that is my main objective and what comes before everything else.
The thing that has made YouTube so successful is that you can relate to the people you're watching to a much higher degree than to the people you see on TV.
Unless you stop trying, how can you not fail anymore?
It was so much easier to connect with my fans when I was smaller. I could answer every message, and I enjoyed that. PewDiePie
Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even though they’re wrong.
Don’t be a salad, be the best damn broccoli you could ever be.
Be nice to people; maybe one day they’ll be rich.
Everyday is a new fresh start. To go straight back to bed.
When I started out I couldn’t even afford a proper computer to record gameplay on.
Do you ever just add things you’ve already done to your to-do list, then cross them over right away to feel more productive? Me neither.
Money doesn’t make you happy.
Don’t be something you’re not. Unless you can be a fabulous unicorn. Always be a fabulous unicorn.
Haters gonna hate. Ducks gonna duck quack.
If someone hates your guts, feed it to them if someone loves your guts, they’re probably a zombie.
Do stupid stuff now because when you’re older, you’ll actually get in trouble for it.
The thing about milk is that it boils when you're not looking.
There's only two ways to kill a meme. Overstaurating it, and explaining the joke. I will do both.
When I started my YouTube channel in 2010, I never imagined that one day it would be the most subscribed channel in the world and that I would be a part of such a great community.
Stay awesome bros, I know you will.

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