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Infidelity means being unfaithful, or having an affair) is a violation of a couple's assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or sexual exclusivity. If you have ever been the victim of infidelity the first question you probably asked was "why?" The consequences of infidelity are numerous and it is only natural to want to know why your partner chose to cheat. There could be many reasons because there are many types of infidelity and cheating. Opportunistic infidelity occurs when one is in love and attached to their partner, but succumbs to their sexual desire for someone else. This is a collection of 12 quotes on Infidelity and sayings on "Infidelity".

Infidelity raises profound questions about intimacy. - Junot Diaz
The nurse of infidelity is sensuality. - Lord David Cecil
Infidelity is a fairly common occurrence in society but very often not spoken about. - Rasika Dugal
The cultural expectation should be if there's infidelity, the marriage is more important than fidelity. - Dan Savage
Physical infidelity is the signal, the notice given, that all fidelities are undermined. - Katherine Anne Porter
Wives in their husbands' absences grow subtler, and daughters sometimes run off with the butler. - Lord Byron
Infidelity is horrible - there's nothing worse than that; it's devastating. - Jessica Capshaw
Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance. - Oscar Wilde
Infidelity in woman is a masculine trait. - Wendell Phillips
It's easy to deny the seriousness of an emotional affair but it can be extremely threatening to a marriage. - Dr. Gail on MSNBC
Wise married women don't trouble themselves about infidelity in their husbands. - Samuel Johnson
Infidelity, like death, admits of no degrees. - Madame Delphine Gay de Girardin
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