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30+ Interesting Quotes On Individualism

Individualism a social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control. Individualism is all about taking care of yourself; it is the belief and practice that every person is unique and self-reliant. Individualism is the principle or habit of or belief in independent thought or action. This is a collection of 32 quotes and sayings on Individualism.

Individualism is rather like innocence; there must be something unconscious about it. - Louis Kronenberger
Individualism is a formidable lie. - Rene Girard
Art is individualism, and individualism is a disturbing and disintegrating force. - Oscar Wilde
Individualism has really the higher aim. Modern morality consists in accepting the standard of one's age. - Oscar Wilde
Individualism is what makes cooperation worth living. - Henry Ford
Individualism regards man-every man-as an independent, sovereign entity who possesses an inalienable right to his own life, a right derived from his nature as a rational being. - Ayn Rand
The first duty of a man is to think for himself. - José Martí
Progress in thought is the assertion of individualism against authority. - Oscar Wilde
For too long in this society, we have celebrated unrestrained individualism over common community. - Joe Biden
Individualism is going around these days in uniform, handing out the party line on individualism. - Wendell Berry
Individualism is an emphasized weakness. - Samuel Smiles
Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known. - Oscar Wilde
Stay true to yourself. An original is worth more than a copy. - Suzy Kassem
The function of the society is to cultivate the individual. It is not the function of the individual to support society. - Joseph Campbell
Individuality doesn't just mean individualism-standing alone. - Frances Moore Lapp
Individualism is at once an ethical-psychological concept and an ethical-political one. - Nathaniel Branden
We are in a period of such individualism that one no longer speaks of disciples; one speaks of thieves. - Jean Cocteau
Radical individualism can be very sad. - Blase J. Cupich
The three hypostasis of egoism are: individualism, nationalism, collectivism. The democratic trinity. - Nicolás Gómez Dávila
The day of combination is here to stay. Individualism has gone, never to return. - John D. Rockefeller
Many of those engaged in a lemming-like march to the sea are proud of their individualism. - Neal A. Maxwell
Individualism is important - having a real voice, not just references. - Carla Sozzani
For recent sociologists the dark secret at the heart of modern individualism is its failure as a mode of life. - Lee Patterson
Individualism? Narcissism? Of course. - Claude Cahun
Embrace the virtues of individuality. - A.E. Samaan
Much of the discussion about socialism and individualism is entirely pointless, because of failure to agree on terminology. - Theodore Roosevelt
Capitalism believes in collectivism for itself and individualism for its enemies. - G.K. Chesterton
Our individualism is rooted in our very nature. - Herbert Hoover
Society breeds convention. Individualism breeds invention. - Anthony T.Hincks
When there is no room for individualism in ballparks, then there will be no room for individualism in life. - Bill Veeck
Individualism turns a band into a society. Collectivism turns society into a mob. - Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski
Patriotism is the opposite of selfish individualism. - David Ehrenfeld
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