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Incredible means something too strange to be believed, or very difficult to believe. Incredible is something extremely good, large, surprising, or great. Life itself is very incredible. This is a collection of 37 "Incredible" quotes and sayings.

Youth is incredible because you really do feel invincible. - Paul Stanley
Humor can be an incredible, lacerating and effective weapon. - Carl Hiaasen
Hope is incredible to the slave of grief. - Petrarch
We live in an almost perfect stillness and work with incredible urgency. - Rem Koolhaas
You are the only one who can create an incredible world around you, or destroy yourself. - Thalia
The sea always offers up incredible stories of survivors' fortitude. Myths of a lot of countries have variations on that. - Colin Farrell
All men are prepared to accomplish the incredible if their ideals are threatened. - Maya Angelou
Forgiveness has an uncanny way of bringing incredible good out of incredibly bad situations. - Paul J. Meyer
The incredible diversity oflife on this planet, most of which is microbial, can only beunderstood in an evolutionary framework. - Carl Woese
We can reach the goal but it is going to take an incredible amount of time and effort. - Sunday Adelaja
You see this incredible capacity for replication in nature, survival, development, all of these things that are around us all the time in nature that just happen. - Alison Hawthorne Deming
It's the most incredible feeling in the world when you finally land a job. - Dave Franco
Social networks are an incredible new tool which enables me to speak directly to large numbers of people. It is at the cutting edge of personal interaction around the world. - Helen Zille
We live on the most incredible planet, and yet we abuse it, and we abuse it mercilessly. - Paul Watson
There's an incredible amount of pain involved in being a human, but this humorous stuff is essential in overcoming it. - John Grant
You will not do incredible things without an incredible dream. - John Eliot
The space walks were amazing with the incredible views. - Sunita Williams
It's incredible how much intelligence is used in this world to prove nonsense. - Christian Friedrich Hebbel
The unexpected and the incredible belong in this world. Only then is life whole. - Carl Jung
Wikipedia is just an incredible thing. It is fact-encircling huge, and it is idiosyncratic, careful, messy, funny, shocking and full of simmering controversies - and it is free, and it is fast. - Nicholson Baker
People do incredible things for love, particularly for unrequited love. - Daniel Radcliffe
Adrenaline is an incredible thing. - Greg Rutherford
To have an incredible increase in self esteem, all you have to do is start doing some little something. - Jim Rohn
People are incredible creatures of habit. - Sam Altman
You can experience the thrill of discovery, the incredible, visceral feeling of doing something no one has ever done before, see things no one has ever seen before, know something no one has ever known before. ... Welcome to science, you're gonna like it here. - Phil Plait
Isn't hope an incredible, a wonderfully demented thing? - Lauren Bacall
Evolution is baseless and quite incredible. - John Ambrose Fleming
In order to have that incredible groove that makes you dream you have to think not of the groove, but of the dream. - Mike Gordon
Be proud of the incredible person that you are... and become a rainbow in someone's cloudy day. - Nyki Mack
It takes incredible fortitude to keep on the road, even though it's fun and it's rewarding and you can't complain, it's just a great life, but it takes a lot of energy. - Kate Pierson
The incredible thing about the human mind is that is didn't come with an instruction book. - Terry Riley
Shipwrecks are incredible mysteries. - Clive Cussler
Exercise is an incredible key to feeling well. - Linda Hamilton
A thing may be incredible and still be true; sometimes it is incredible because it is true. - Herman Melville
Happiness is such an incredible advantage in our life. When the human brain is positive, our intelligence rises, we stop diverting resources to think about anxiety. - Shawn Achor
It's when we go in search of the incredible, that we find out, that life is really incredible. - Anthony T. Hincks.
Believe the incredible, and you can do the impossible. - Bishop Fulton J. Sheen
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