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Immortal means exempt from death. Immortal describes what will never die. Immortal refers to something that does not end. This is a collection of 37 Immortal quotes and sayings.

Reason is immortal, all else mortal. - Pythagoras
We are immortal until our work on earth is done. - George Whitefield
Truth is immortal; error is mortal. - Mary Baker Eddy
A man has only one way of being immortal on earth: he has to forget he is a mortal. - Jean Giraudoux
Thinking you're immortal is weirdly similar to being immortal. - Douglas Coupland
Now is eternity; now is the immortal life. - Richard Jefferies
Man was made to be immortal; else, he could not survive being the fool he is. - Douglas Southall Freeman
All men's souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine. - Socrates
Truth is a thing immortal and perpetual, and it gives to us a beauty that fades not away in time. - Frank Norris
The best definition of an immortal is someone who hasn't died yet. - Tom Holt
So long as you are ready to die for humanity, the life of your country is immortal. - Giuseppe Mazzini
One truth discovered is immortal, and entitles its author to be so; for, like a new substance in nature, it cannot be destroyed. - William Hazlitt
In your twenties, you think you are immortal. In your thirties, you hope you are immortal. - Lemmy
No one is immortal. Don't worry too much about your life. Just sing your song... and go. - Pooja Bhatt
The desire to write perfectly of beautiful happenings is, as the saying runs, old as the hills — and as immortal. - James Branch Cabell
Poetry is the first and last of all knowledge - it is as immortal as the heart of man. - William Wordsworth
Men are mortal, but ideas are immortal. - Walter Lippmann
Love turns, with a little indulgence, to indifference or disgust; hatred alone is immortal. - William Hazlitt
Great philosophers become immortal - they make undeniable impacts on culture. - Criss Jami
For us humans, everything is permanent - until it changes, as we are immortal until we die. - Malcolm Muggeridge
We are made to be immortal, and yet we die. It's horrible, it can't be taken seriously. - Eugene Ionesco
It is the mind that makes the man, and our vigour is in our immortal soul. - Ovid
Though inland far we be, Our souls have sight of that immortal sea Which brought us hither. - William Wordsworth
Composing mortals with immortal fire. - W. H. Auden
Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal. - Arthur Schopenhauer
Friendships ought to be immortal, hostilities mortal. - Livy
The mistake is that we cling to the body when it is the spirit that is really immortal. - Swami Vivekananda
Consisting of immortal Truth, you are immortal. - Paul Carus
The soul of an individual; your soul and my soul, is that part of us that is immortal. - Gary Zukav
The soul of man is immortal and imperishable. - Plato
Everything has sprung from immortal life and is vibrating with life, for life is immense! - Rabindranath Tagore
All men desire to be immortal. - Theodore Parker
Intellect is the soul of man, the only immortal part of him. - Thomas Carlyle
Immortal and indestructible, surrounds all and directs all. - Anaximander
Culture changes, fashions change, customs change. Great music is immortal. - Michael Jackson
Only in unawareness you are mortal. In awareness you are immortal. - Jaggi Vasudev
Every mortal loss is an immortal gain. William Blake
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